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Taking Aim With Email Delivery Braveheart-Style

In the movie Braveheart, there is a memorable scene involving arrows where archers line up by the score and fire in unison. The camera then beautifully follows the deluge that fills the sky in an unified arc, eventually raining down on our scrappy heroes with a few arrows painfully finding targets of chests, shoulders, and calves of those in their path (cringe).

I remember being in the theater watching this and seeing people in genuine awe of that power in numbers. I thought differently, however.  As I watched most of the arrows hit the ground, I could only think in classic Yankee fashion: “Man, they’re wasting a ton of frickin’ arrows”.

Unfortunately, that waste is also far too common with email today.

Not exactly 'Braveheart', but you get the idea.

In the past with methods like cold calling, it was a numbers game. If you made 100 calls, 20 people would talk to you immediately, five or so would talk to you later and eventually two or three would actually become customers.

The math was simple: call more people, get more customers.

With the advent of the Internet, businesses were able to “call” far more people through email.  So companies lined up automated “archers” and sent emails by the millions with even small businesses able to leverage technology in this marketing arms race.

As with all arms races, everyone moves forward — not just the good guys.  Just as small businesses could email more people, shysters, snake oil salesmen and downright crooks could email more people as well.

Their unscrupulous odds of success may have been worse (say one in a 1000), but if you’re starting with millions, the ends are still profitable.  Once these folks started “calling” with emails, the game changed.

The Internet’s sky blackened with arrows and the new heroes — the spam filters — rose up to save us, doing their best to shield our inboxes from the illegitimate deluge.

In this new era of conflict, some have challenged these lesser odds by sending more email, much like those rabble rousing ne’er-do-well spammers.  But if you line up your archers and just indiscriminately fire your arrows into the sky, the spam filters can’t tell the difference between your arrows and the ones fired by the spammers, resulting in more damage than just wasting a ton of frickin’ arrows.  Your customers, potential or otherwise, will no longer see you as an ally but as the rabble rousing enemy.

If you had trouble hitting your targets before, imagine how hard it will be when they’re actively trying to dodge you.

At Dyn, we can help you turn the tide with our top notch Internet Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Our servers deliver email massively and evenly, all while adhering to the ever-changing best practices of email delivery for the best possible shot at safe passage. DynECT Email Delivery gives you feedback as to whether you’re hitting your mark and how close you’re getting regarding engagement and our deliverability team can even make suggestions regarding content so your messages fly sharp, straight and true.

Working together, we’ll take you out of the business of sending email and instead put you in the business of hitting targets. Sign up with Dyn today…and take aim.

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