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Email Delivery: 5 Considerations When Deciding To Buy Or Build

A question that smart IT directors and marketing leaders around the world are often confronted with: should we develop and manage our email delivery internally or outsource? Based on our experience and what we’ve heard and preach, here are 5 areas to consider when it’s your turn.

Development & Infrastructure

Is infrastructure your core competency? Do you have the resources necessary to develop a high performance email delivery application and manage a highly available infrastructure? Emails can’t afford to be lost. What is required to process and store sent mail logs, bounces, opens, clicks, etc? Is this the best use of your probably already over allocated resources?

Mailbox Provider Management  (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.)

Each mailbox provider operates differently. To learn how, send mail and adjust sending practices for optimization. This will minimize queuing, deferment and the risk of losing revenue because of a misinterpreted hard bounce. Should you invest time guessing and checking to learn this process internally or use someone who’s already figured it out?

Deliverability Management

Don’t underestimate the importance of a dedicated deliverability resource. They can answer questions like: Is our mail reaching the inbox? How do we know? Are we seeding? How can we increase our inbox percentage? Reputable email delivery providers dedicate teams to continuously monitor this stuff. Deliverability is not static and requires close attention. Is that knowledge you would like to build internally?


If something goes wrong, who do you call? Customers are saying they’re not getting your emails, so then what do you do? What if a server goes down? Who will troubleshoot? These tasks can be a distraction if the proper teams are not in place.


If you don’t grow, your business will suffer. How will we monitor our system capacity as we scale? Would we rather have that be someone else’s problem?

If email is critical to your revenue generation you want to make sure it’s done right. Consider the topics above and you’ll be well on your way to a successful email program.

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