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EEC ’12: Four Tips That Will Benefit Your Email Marketing Program

A team of Dyners recently attended the Email Evolution Conference ’12, hosted by the Email Experience Council, where we got to sit in on various parts of four main conference tracks consisting of Analysis and Metrics, B2C and B2B Email marketing strategies and Cross Channel Marketing.

Marketing Manager and email veteran Josh Nason and I were excited to attend for various reasons but two of the main ones were to reinforce how to best serve our customers and how to best utilize email marketing for our own business. Josh will be covering the latter in an upcoming post, so I wanted to dive into how this conference influences our DynECT Email Delivery service.

EEC 12 - Hollywood, FL
Florida provided a great backdrop for email talk. (Photo: Josh Nason)

Understanding how your customer plans to use your product is number one. At Dyn, we don’t only provide email services but we practice what we preach through our own email marketing.

#EEC12 confirmed some of our recent experiences with email trends as well as provided additional views and tools we can use.  We serve a wide range of clients varying drastically in the types of users, content and frequency of emails they send.

A large part of our offering entails helping our clients achieve better deliverability through a robust infrastructure, in addition to providing metrics and actionable changes they can make to improve their inbox placement and revenues.

Here’s some of the details on the most unique things I picked up and am bringing back to our email team and Dyn products:

Growing your Email List

When growing your email list, the best way is to do it organically. A few commonly misunderstood tips that many forget:

  • Make sure to ask for your users’ email addresses!  Take a look at where you ask users to sign up and if this is as prominently displayed as you would like for your business.
  • Be sure to explain the value exchange that will occur.  Let users know how often they’ll be emailed and what these emails will contain.  Show them examples and reassure them that you will not sell the information or provide it to unauthorized parties.
  • When collecting their email address, give them plenty of space for long addresses.  Don’t make them enter numerous information types as just a name and email address is most engaging.  If you need more info, be sure to explain why you need it. Most users will be looking for a justification as to why you need so much information.

Dynamic Content Emails

The content of emails has been static for so long that it’s about time it goes dynamic!  You may wonder how this applies to us, but with the Dyn API and open / click tracking, users can be integrating dynamic content into their messages.  For instance, do split A/B testing with campaigns and after 5% of users have clicked or opened, switch all images and content to the version that is performing the best. The same could be done with link forwarding on your website to a landing page that is generating the most revenue automatically.

Mobile Apps and Tabbed Browsing

A common theme among several of the presentations was on how apps and tabbed browsing innovation has been affecting Email open and click rates.  This is another interesting thing that our Dyn Deliverability team will be looking for in trends of open and click data.  Many companies have seen a drop in click through rates from the launch of Apps and evolution of tabbed browsing.  This is mostly due to users opening their emails on mobile devices and then switching to apps to continue browsing the companies products.  No longer can someone look only at open and click rates for guidance, but you’ll need to look at correlations between openers and purchases within a short period of time.

Opt-down instead of just Opt-out

Another interesting concept with great results was the use of simple opt-down messages to go along with an opt-out landing page.  Opt-down options could be less frequency, different types of emails, etc. Some companies have seen 40% re-engagement of users when offering an opt-down option on their opt-out landing page.  The key points to remember here are that you must honor the opt-out immediately and make the opt-down simple to understand and elect to use.  Complicated preference centers were not as successful but simple options like monthly instead of weekly emails were.

These lessons and others that we picked up from EEC ’12 allow Dyn to continue to fine tune our offering and stay up with current trends in email marketing. Our focus is always on providing the services and features that allow our customers to grow their business and not worry about their email delivery.

Did you go to EEC ’12?  Let us know what you think and what other things you learned.

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