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Dyn’s Taking It To The Streets: OMGPOP

The Taking It To The Streets campaign is all about developing face-to-face relationships with our clients to learn how these web superstars operate, to see what problems they are facing, how to overcome them and most importantly, how we can all learn from each other to create a best of breed company, culture and overall successful business.

Today, we hit the pavement to learn about OMGPOP.

OMGPOP has been doing social, real-time gaming since 2006, becoming a client on the DynECT Platform last year to ensure their dedicated and enthusiastic group of users would never be deprived of their right to game. Good DNS allows for Load Balancing and helps make sure that games just work. During the first installment of Taking it to the Streets in New York City, I had a chance to visit the OMG Pop offices to see what makes them tick or more appropriately, what makes them the rock stars of the online gaming industry.

Originally named ‘iminlikewithyou’, that “term” is still very much applicable to them today. The team at OMGPOP eats, sleeps and breathes their passion for creating the coolest online games and a unique online community where users can hang out, share photos and meet new friends.

Some might say they spend so much time thinking about who’s behind the screen that it has created less of a focus on what’s actually going on at the office, but this works for them and as a result, their unique gaming platform continues to become more and more successful.

OMG Pop on Dyn's Taking It To The Streets

– They are a little quirky and dark. Lots of Easter eggs and hidden gems are in the games. When asked what makes a game by them special (aside from the multiplayer/social baked into the design), the humor is what comes through.

– They are pretty passionate about gaming. I heard how one person does game casting (not of their game of course, but of something new). He fires it up and goes at it, hearing the good and bad. Heck, the comments that they get are good market research. They can talk about what they like or don’t like and then follow up with their feedback instantly. Good feedback, feature sticks.

– These guys are smart. They know a lot about what’s going with games but more than that, how people play them. It’s about how they enjoy them and how people put in their time and money. They do a lot of experimentation with games to make them more fun, more sticky and more and more social. They also experiment with their revenue model – based on ads and premium goods. Where to place ads, what goods should people be able to buy?

– No one owns a game at OMGPOP. With dozens of games, it wouldn’t make sense but it kinda surprised me. There are natural affinities to certain games by certain people but an artist might spend their morning working on one thing and then turn their attention to another.

– The split between technology and artists was pretty crazy to me. The technologists were outnumbered by the artists 2-to-1! It made me feel more confident that great programmers/engineers are truly artists since they just had Photoshop or Illustrator open instead of Textmate.

Over the next six months, the team at OMGPOP will face the same challenge that we did when we started out as a completely free service over 12 years ago. How do you scale and keep the right balance of technologists and evangelists to increase the user base but still keep it special?

Based on the talent and drive we saw first hand, there is no doubt they will find the solution that works for them and maybe they will even find the answer from another company I interview on the Taking it to the Streets campaign trail!

Stay tuned for more out of New York City. While you do, check out our video feature with OMGPOP:

Taking It To The Streets: OMGPOP

Jeremy Hitchcock is CEO/CFO of Dyn, an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) company that features a full suite of DNS and email delivery services. Follow him at Twitter: @jhitcho and @dyninc.

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