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Dyn’s Dublin Web Summit 2013 Schedule: Meet, Greet & Rock!

Dublin Web Summit - Dyn
A shot of the Night Summit from 2012.

As Kim Shearer pointed out, we’re hella excited to return to Ireland for the Dublin Web Summit because we’re doing so much there. Thus, we wanted to put together a post you could print, favorite, bookmark, or tattoo on yourself so you know where to find us and when.

Why We’re Going

This one event allows us to meet and talk to the biggest and most innovative technology companies in the world. While SXSW is our North American premiere event, Dublin Web Summit is the premiere event for our EMEA HQ.

Who Is Going

Our CEO Jeremy Hitchcock, CRO Kyle York, COO Gray Chynoweth, Director of EMEA Sales Paul Heywood, and many others from the U.S. and EMEA offices will be around and about for the duration of the event. If you’ve ever wanted to hang with some Dyners, this is the event for you!

The Event: Speaking, Shaking, and Scariness

Wait, the Web Summit is more than just parties? As a past attendee, the show and speakers themselves are really, really awesome and cover a ton of topics. If you’re into anything that happens on the Internet, you’ll find some common ground and great thought leaders.

Speaking of, Jeremy will be part of a panel at 17:40 local time on Thursday surrounding cloud security at the Cloud Stage. Don’t you dare miss it!

And yes, we’ll have a booth area in the main exhibitor hall and we need your help. You see, the gang known as The Horrors Of The Internet will be floating around and we want to corral them to get them off the streets. Be on the lookout for them and help us eliminate them once and for all! (If you get too scared, we’ll protect you as always.)

Dublin Web Summit - Dyn
Quiet Life rocks the Mercantile Pub in 2012.

Alright, alright…party details.

Once again, we’re sponsoring the Web Summit and are returning to the Mercantile Pub to put on a big Music Meets Tech event as part of Wednesday’s Night Summit. Two bands will rock our stages with headliners The Cast of Cheers and opening act Cathy Davey.

Drinks will be flowing, you’ll be dancing, and if those damn Horrors show up, be prepared to rock them right out of the Merc!

Who We’re Excited To See

How about our friends & customers from Box, Microsoft, Spotify, Cheezburger, Zendesk, Guardian, Twitter? Not to mention the many others we have yet to shake hands with from Dollar Shave Club to Singster to Aer Lingus to Workday. There’s also hundreds of startups there, and plenty of normal ol’ tech folks that we can’t wait to meet. We also heard Tony Hawk will be in attendance, so if one of us grabs a pic, our purpose will be fulfilled.

Got questions? Want to meet up? Hit us up on Twitter and let’s do it! Plus, be sure to follow the Dyn blog as Director of Marketing Kristi Mason live blogs the event!

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