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Dynamic Network Services Inc. Launches DynLabs

Dyn Inc. Tests Out Latest Technologies

MANCHESTER, NH Dyn today announces the launch of DynLabs, a technology playground for experimental Internet tools. DynLabs is a behind-the-curtain look at some of the tools and algorithms Dyn uses to make its DNS network faster and more robust. In-development tools may be found within our consumer and enterprise products in the future.

DynLabs is available here.

“For us, the DynLabs site is a chance to play around with the latest technology we’re developing and give our users the opportunity to keep track of what we’re doing,” said Tom Daly, CTO. “Our company was founded with open source software and the support of that community. As such, transparency, openness and innovation are critical to our history and future. The best example of that in practice is DynLabs.”

The experimenting has already begun. Current projects cooking in DynLabs include:

DNS REPORT TOOL – The DNS Report Tool runs a series of automatic diagnostics for a domain name like’ and reports on the general health of DNS servers. This tool is here.

DNS TIMING REPORT – Our DNS Timing provides your timing to our anycast network. Running this widget presents the length of time to reach each of our DNS servers. This tool is here.

DYNVIZ – A view into how we visualize DNS queries on our network and what it looks like to answer thousands of DNS queries per second. This tool is here.

DYNCAST – The DynCast Tool is used to see which of our anycast nodes service your recursive DNS requests. This tool is here.

DYNCAST LATENCY TOOL – This tool helps webmasters understand how fast their website is for each of their users. Standard tools measure latency only from one or two points but this tool provides data from a website’s actual userbase. This tool is here.

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