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#DynEdu Video: How To Prepare Yourself For Disaster

DNS Disaster PlanningIt’s that time of year in New England when the storms roll in, the snow and ice fly, and we are sometimes left stuck at home without power, or at least hindered by the weather day to day. Wherever you are there are always forces of nature to contend with, from hurricanes to earthquakes to tsunamis. All of these forces can be disastrous for our friends, families, and cities, but we often forget how disastrous they can also be for our online businesses.

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy delivered a massive blow to the East Coast, directly striking New York City. It brought down a massive data center, which took down the sites of Gizmodo, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and many others. If one of your data centers suffers a similar outage due to any type of external force, it’s going to cost your business time, resources, and money. In addition to the revenue lost during the downtime, such outages also impact brand confidence as your users are unable to reach your website.

So what can businesses do to avoid such costly outages? Preparation is key! In this DynEdu video, VP of Revenue Acquisition Josh Verrill gives his tips on how to prepare your website for disaster by asking the right questions of your data center and how to create a plan in case the worst happens.

Give in to your inner paranoia and watch away!

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