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#DynEdu Video: Email Monitoring In Less Than 2 Minutes

When it comes to sending email, don’t just set it and forget it. If you just click send and never look at what happens next, you’re missing out on valuable insight into how your customers are engaging with your email delivery program.

In this new DynEdu video, Dyn’s Director of Email Product Mike Veilleux explains the importance of email monitoring and analytics and how to leverage that information for a more successful email delivery program.

Since breaking down email analytics and deciding what’s important can be challenging, Mike lays out a simple plan to get you started today. Learn what custom analytics to set up to monitor how users get on and off your list, how they engage with your emails, and how to monitor sender reputation to ensure deliverability. You should also be keeping an eye on email blacklists that can negatively affect your sending.

Finally, Mike explains why seeding is the only method to get performance data on inbox vs. spam folder placement.

By combining these key data points and implementing a monitoring and analytics plan, you can get an accurate overview of how your email program is performing.

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