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#DynEdu Video: Everything You Need To Know About DNS Load Balancing

In case you’re not yet aware, we have been working on an educational video series called DynEdu. In these videos, industry experts from Dyn give explanations of different topics and theories in 3 minutes or less.

This week, Dyn Chief Technologist Cory von Wallenstein talks to us about load balancing — what is it, how does it work, and what are its benefits?

If you are only serving your website from one location, you are taking a huge risk. If something was ever to happen to your server or data center, like a power outage or freak flood, everything goes down. With no backup, you’re risking hours or days (maybe even weeks depending on the damage) of downtime.

Load balancing can help mitigate this risk by allowing your website to serve from multiple locations in different geographic regions. This can also vastly improve your speed since you can manage your traffic to send your users to the endpoints closest to their location.

Allow Cory to tell you more:

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