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DynECT to Provide Thanksgiving Dinner, Social Services to Discarded Hardware

Market Leader in Managed DNS & Load Balancing IaaS Products Opening Doors for Outdated Hardware Devices

(Manchester, NH) – In the spirit of giving back this Thanksgiving, Dyn is opening its home and facilities to all homeless and abandoned DNS/Load Balancing hardware this Holiday season. Hot meals, warm beds, and life planning classes will provided to all walks of antiquated/end-of-life hardware devices from now until Q1, 2011.

“Our recent Taking it to the Streets campaign was more eye opening than I had expected it to be, man,” lamented Jeremy Hitchcock, CEO of Dyn. “Walking around places like DUMBO/Brooklyn, San Francisco’s South Park & SOMA neighborhoods, and seeing dumpsters overflowing with old rackmount boxes really made me wonder… ‘am I to blame for this?’ …These boxes used to be the Supermodels of the colo!”

Irrespective of blame, cause or effect – it’s important that we all do what we can to help antiquated hardware during this most transitional of times. The Holidays and coming of the new year is an especially trying time as CTOs look to cut costs and upgrade to state of the art technology; while cutting down overhead and management costs traditionally associated with such hardware. Managed DNS and advanced features like GSLB, Active Failover, and CDN/Cloud Management have rendered roughly 54,900,000 U (U=1 Rack unit – 4.45cm) completely useless and we all need to do our share this Holiday season.

“No questions asked,” stated Tom Daly; Dyn’s CTO. “Come on in, have a big turkey dinner, watch the Patriots game and stay warm… It’s the least we can do. It’s not as if we want to see you poor bastards in breadlines. We understand where you are coming from, and we want to help. In fact, Dyn has been working with several local shelters and job training charities to hopefully inspire these boxes to find a new purpose in life. We even have daycare services for Antistatic Bracelets and discarded P-Touch label makers. The ripple effects take their toll on all kinds of related equipment.”

Dyn has teamed up with several known inspirational life coaches to offer a variety of classes for such devices. Classes such as: “So; You Are Totally Useless Now” and “Life After The Smelter” will be offered at no cost to any and all related hardware. One recent student declared: “Dynect’s generosity and willingness to help has opened my eyes to a number of new opportunities in life. I hope to be repurposed as a toaster oven, or maybe some day a MQ-1 Predator Drone!” Yes, and so do we, you poor smelly old box.

If you or any hardware you know are faced with getting kicked out of your colocation facilities this Holiday Season please do not give up hope. There is a new life waiting for you somewhere.

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Happy Holidays Everyone.

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