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DynECT Platform Provides Superior Service for Recent Media Event

Recently, the DynECT Platform really got to shine in the limelight! As you may already know, the DynECT Platform is a scalable external DNS solution, which is used to direct, and control Internet traffic, allowing you to maximize the performance of your network.

Our customer, Digitaria Interactive, was tasked with anticipating and managing a huge spike in traffic coming from an event. They needed to provide real-time content to millions of subscribers on demand. By using bleeding edge cloud/grid computing, CDN services, and the DynECT Platform, Digitaria Interactive was able to effectively and seamlessly manage a considerable spike in traffic without it impacting the user experience or load times.

And what did the Dynect Platform do to help? Well, it provided Digitaria Interactive the ability to direct subscribers to the content in the cloud and on the CDN, while being able to dynamically adjust the load on the CDN through DNS. In the event more subscribers logged in, Digitaria Interactive would use the DynECT Platform to turn up even more CDN horsepower.

Check out the graph below, showing what a flash crowd of a few million subscribers does to DNS utilization:

Spike Graph

All in all, we’re proud to have been involved and to have been able to showcase our newest addition to our DNS management products.

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Whois: Tom Daly

Tom Daly is a co-founder of Dyn, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.