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There Is More To DNS Than Just DNS: Saving Money On The DynECT Platform

How Active Failover, Load Balancing, Global Server Load Balancing and CDN Management are done in the cloud.

I’m not going to spill the beans on that first sub-head just yet. Read this intro, first!

When people most commonly learn that Dyn Inc.’s core focus is DNS they ask a couple very simple questions (beyond, “What the heck is DNS?”). The first one cracks me up, but is a question I asked Jeremy Hitchcock (our CEO) before I made the leap to Dyn from my last gig at WhippleHill (a customer on the Dynect Platform, of course).

“There are companies who exist that only do DNS? Hmm. Why would I pay for something I can get for nothing? Don’t I just get that for free when I buy a domain name? Explain please. I don’t get it.”

Speed Kills. Just ask Usain Bolt, Bode Miller, Michael Phelps and Jacoby Ellsbury.

To be fair, not everyone says these things, but it no doubt is a common back-of-mind thought of every company we talk to. Why pay for something I can get as a throw-in from my ISP or registrar? Applications and websites in need of high performance, like: Hubspot, Jive Software, Twitpic, Get Satisfaction, Bizo, Carbonmade, OMGPOP and Picnik (congrats to Picnik who just got acquired by Google!) all see the value of globally diverse anycast DNS because milliseconds matter to them. Speed kills for these guys when it comes to their 100% online businesses. Their end users expect it and won’t tolerate slow site resolution. Just ask ( blog post on DNS latency) or Learnhub (Learnhub blog post on DNS latency) or Stylefeeder (Stylefeeder blog post on DNS latency). They’re all more trusted advocates than we could ever be. We’re biased to the MAX.

There’s got to be more to it than just speed. Show me some more advantages. I like ‘Five Tool Players.’

So, you might start asking yourself… What about everyone else? Is that reason alone to spend some of my IT budget on DNS? My site is accessed fast enough. Why outsource it? I have a couple boxes in my corporate datacenter that do DNS just fine. They’ve been collecting dust for years; I don’t even think about this stuff. Well, try these reasons on for size. Redundancy and diverse locations are nice. Secure DNS is a major plus. Reporting? Yeah, granular reporting is pretty slick for all my records. Clean and simple UI, Access control lists and API access; Great for easy zone management or integration purposes. Don’t forget that 99.999% SLA. Uptime is the Bottom Line. Maybe not sold yet, but all of these features come standard on our Dynect Platform, piece of cake.

Get to the point already. Cross that finish line.

Yeah, yeah… Kyle- how many times do I have to tell you and your annoying sales team… It’s free for me right now! WHY PAY?! I’m not convinced yet. Cut out the whole ‘ice-cream to Eskimos’ sales approach. I need more substance.

You can actually SAVE money. Honestly. Have you been waiting for me to explain?

The numbers are climbing as people are taking notice that doing DNS on the cheap or by themselves with hardware expense is a thing of the past. The Dynect Platform has add-on products that can be turned on before you’re done reading this post. Implementation time is measured in minutes, maybe hours … not days, weeks or months. Implementation is simple. Call and ask for Fred.

Here is some practical, money SAVING reasoning to outsource DNS. Are you opening a 2nd datacenter and looking for some disaster recovery automation? How much money do you lose if your site is inaccessible? Credibility is shot. Dynect Active Failover, will save the day and do the trick. What about adding some more servers into your cage to handle your growing usage? Dynect Round Robin Load Balancing will absorb and spread out that load. Are you thinking of implementing global server load balancing? Dynect Traffic Management will allow you to geo-route and send end users to the content closest to them, without a hitch. Say goodbye to hardware! Just like AudienceScience did (AudienceScience Case Study). As more and more companies begin using Content Delivery Networks like: Akamai, Limelight, Edgecast, Highwinds and CDNetworks, we’ve made it easy to turn the knobs and diversify CDN usage amongst various providers. Dynect CDN Manager is being used for both cost and performance reasons. Rashid from explains it pretty well on this Blog Post.

Looking to take next steps towards jumping on our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering?

Need more practical use cases? Just ask. We’re happy to give you the sales pitch, get you on the phone with an engineer, or better yet, connect you with a customer just like you.

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