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Dynect Sees Record Growth in Q2, Mid-Year Projections Shattered

ISP, Data Center, Managed Hosting, Managed DNS Competition Outages and Poor Performance Help Fuel Dynect Platform’s Incredible Growth.

With the first half of the year in the books, Dyn Inc. and its Dynect Platform go into the 4th of July weekend on cloud nine. The Dyn Inc. team closed shop for the holiday break after seeing a 110% improvement over previous records achieved in Q1.

In an early June post we discussed the incredible importance of putting our clients names in lights to further cement our market position and provide increased legitimacy for our offering: Client’s Names in Lights Blog Post. This post aims to do the same thing, while stressing the need for the services we offer in a time when the Internet is proving to be an unpredictable place. Outages (Rackspace Outage, Outage) and website slowdowns (Michael Jackson’s Death: An Eye-Opener for ISP’s) have been the talk on Dyn Inc. client Twitter’s site and the mainstream news and blogosphere.

This recent Newsletter discusses our DynDNS Spring Server VPS launch in Frankfurt, Germany, but also informs our over 3 Million users of some of the marquee brands we’ve welcomed onto Dynect.

Just a few of the new customers added to the roster since our June 8th post include: Wikia, StyleFeeder, Music Choice, Weebly, Pubmatic, SearchSpring, Appnexus, Oyster Hotel Reviews, US Auto Parts and Digital Map Products.

With the rest of the Internet world now catching on that managed DNS, Failover and GSLB services are a must have, Dyn Inc. looks to come flying out of the gates after the July 4th holiday. Remember to “Break Free” to Dyn Inc. and celebrate your Independence with a DNS partner obsessively committed to you and your clients. Follow this link to learn more:

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Kyle York
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