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Dyn Releases DynECT Platform v1.7

MANCHESTER, NH Dyn is proud to announce the release of the DynECT Platform v1.7. The latest version of the company’s enterprise domain name service (DNS) platform features an updated user interface, improved IP tracking services, and increased functionality.

Version 1.7 of the DynECT Platform features a number of improvements to the user experience, including a new load-balancing interface. This updated interface allows DynECT Platform users to monitor multiple IP addresses and view the distributed agent monitoring logs for each address.

This latest version increases the control users have on each of their zones. In addition to the current reporting and editing functionality, users can recursively delete unwanted or unneeded nodes from any of their zones. Additionally, with the updated IP tracking services, users can now limit pointer records (PTR) and manage IP tracking for multiple IP addresses. Created to fit seamlessly into existing network infrastructure, the DynECT Platform SOAP API was updated in this version for improved control of customer DNS settings.

“These latest features create a more robust and productive user experience for our customers,” said Tom Daly, CTO. “Our user base is active and engaged and their input helps us to shape the best possible solutions.”

The DynECT Platform for enterprise users has been publically available since October 2007. The Platform provides load balancing; active monitoring of pool addresses from distributed locations, automatic failover, a globally redundant DNS network, and world-class support. Through DynECT Platform, Dyn provides a solution for online permanent presence, distributed business applications and a unique SOAP API for white label integration and resellers.

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To current Dyn Customers and visitors considering our Dynamic DNS product: Oracle acquired Dyn and its subsidiaries in November 2016. After June 29th, 2020, visitors to will be redirected here where you can still access your current Dyn service and purchase or start a trial of Dynamic DNS. Support for your service will continue to be available at its current site here. Sincerely, Oracle Dyn