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DynECT Managed DNS API Documentation Now Available

In January, we launched DynECT Managed DNS documentation on our new help site with the promise that the DNS API documentation would soon be joining the site.  Today, we are proud to announce that DynECT Managed DNS API documentation is available on the same help site.  Now you can find all documentation for both DynECT products, DNS and Email, at one web address.

We have known for quite some time that we needed to make information about DynECT products more accessible to our customers.  One way to do that is to bring the various pieces all together on one central web site.

Here’s a look at the old version of the API documentation:

DynECT Managed DNS API


Now we have all of our DynECT documentation co-located and accessible from any web browser.  In the 24/7 world of the Internet, our customers can get answers to their DynECT questions anywhere at any time without the need to login to the DynECT portal.

And here’s the new look!


DynECT Managed DNS API


API users are some of our most technical users of the DynECT platform.  Occasionally, even highly technical users need help understanding our products.  We’ve made it easier for API users to find the script structure information they require.

Our help topic Understanding How The API Works is accessible from every page in the API documentation.  The orange flow chart on this page helps API users ensure they have all the pieces put together for a well-formed script.  In addition, we have included some sample scripts in various programming languages.

Here is a look at the introduction section of Understanding How The API Works.

Understanding The API


Here is a look at one of the sample script pages for PERL:



And for those of you that love statistics, enjoy the following:

Old Documentation

  • 496 Topics
  • 154,738 Words
  • 312 words per page

New Documentation

  • 401 Topics
  • 196,700 Words
  • 490 words per page
  • 2400 links* (approx.)

* Links added among topics and within topic pages.

What’s next?

We will be working on updating and expanding existing documentation for both enterprise DNS and Email Delivery products and keeping documentation up-to-date with new releases as they happen. Everyone here is very excited for you to see what we’ve been up to!

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