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Email Delivery ROI: 5 Reasons Why Deliverability Matters

Email DeliveryIf Dyn’s infrastructure as a service yin is DNS, then the yang is email delivery, the business necessity that we really started moving heavy with in 2011 following our 2010 end-of-year purchase of SendLabs.

In that time, we’ve added a litany of top email minds, specialists in everything from delivery to metrics to user experience. It’s been an adjustment in how we talk about and think of our company as before email really became big here, DNS had a 10-year running head start.

But with the competitive landscape growing seemingly every month, it’s clear that email isn’t dead and feels like a more trusted asset than ever. Transactional email (the stuff you call ‘Account Password verification updates’ or automated receipts when you rent a movie) has always been a must. Now the metrics with those emails are a must for those companies sending them.

As I put together five reasons why managed DNS is essential, here’s five reasons why deliverability matters. Making it into the inbox isn’t guaranteed, you know.

How Dyn Helps

Powered by the aforementioned team of experts, Dyn helps our clients increase their email deliverability rates and eliminate blocked or lost mail due to sending reputation. Now there are those that claim to do this and attempt to do so through nefarious means. We believe in working with ISPs to get more reputable mail to the inbox and don’t run away from them. We also don’t work with spammers — no matter how much they offer to pay us.

We also help our ensure the best possible email reliability through providing a robust infrastructure, built, maintained and planned by the same experts who created our global Anycast network. This includes database independent sending, highly available sending, reporting and monitoring services.

Finally, it’s our people. Steve Wheeler, Mike Veilleux, James Deloid and the rest of our incredible growing email crew get it done and their entire team is working toward some very big things with DynECT Email Delivery that we can’t wait to tell you about. I know it sounds like marketing b.s., but I think we have created something special that is being tested for deployment as I write this.

As we hit up events and talk about DNS daily, email has found its place right beside it. It’s become an easier conversation to have with existing clients and new ones because they understand the importance of making it into the inbox.

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