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Check Your DynECT Email Delivery Reports On Your Android

Have you ever received a phone call that required you to stop what you were doing and find a laptop with an Internet connection?  When that happens, chances are that it’s at an inconvenient time. Wouldn’t if be nice if you could get the information you need right on your smartphone in seconds?  I have been looking into making this a reality and the process has begun.

Enter the DynECT Email Report Viewer.  

The viewer has been designed to mimic the same information you can get from DynECT Email Delivery and while the app is currently in its infancy, it offers some useful information.

Here’s how you set things up:

  • Upon the initial launch of the app, you will be asked for your API key which is needed in order to get any information about your account and can be set up on the online interface if not already done. If you make a typo, you can always edit the key later through the menu.
  • Now comes the fun stuff: the app allows you to pull reports based on date and verified sender, defaulting to all verified senders on the current date.
  • Once you select a date range and verified sender you are interested in, simply hit ‘Fetch Data’ and it will pull down the counts for Bounces, Complaints, Issues, Sent and Delivered. Need more detail for bounces? Click on the count and you will be greeted with a full list. Click on one to get the full details of the bounce.

Currently, that is the extent of the app. The idea here is to add in functionality similar to that of the bounces for the rest of the counts.  If you would like to give this app a try on your Android device, download the app.  Make sure that you enable non-market apps by going to Settings/Applications and check Unknown sources.  Please let us know what you think and what features you would like to see added to this app!

Here are some screen shots to help you get familiar with things:


Dyn Email App - Main
This is the default screen you are greeted with when the app launches (after you have entered an API key).
Dyn Email App - Fetch
This screen shows what the results look like after fetching the data from the DynECT servers.
Dyn Email App - Date
This is the screen you will use to select the start and or end date to get stats.
Dyn Email App - Sender
This is the screen you will see when you click on the "Sender" item in the main screen. From here you can select a sender to get information about.
Dyn Email App - Email Bounce
This screen shows a list of bounces in the time period that was specified on the main screen. They are displayed by the intended recipient email address.
Dyn Email Bounce Info
This screen shows all the information accessible from the DynECT email API related to a specific bounce - Including the full header.

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