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How We’re Making Our Awesome API Even Better

The Dynect Platform API is one of the most popular aspects of our service, and now we’re making it better, stronger, faster.

Two years ago, when we first introduced our API, we were responding to requests from a sub-set of our customers – those in the Cloud, and especially those working with the Amazon EC2 cloud. We wanted to make it easy for EC2 users to manage their cloud in the Dynect Load Balancing service.

It was humble beginnings. But the Dynect Platform API over SOAP proved so popular with not only the cloud computing types, but many customers who were looking to programatically interact with their zone and services. So, we continued to make improvements and add commands to the API.

Along the way, we added more services to the Dynect Platform. Services that were perhaps a bit cumbersome to manipulate via the existing API. Like our Dynect Traffic Management which allows for defining DNS settings based on global regions. Or our new Dynect CDN Manager, for load balancing CNAMEs among different CDNs.

And, our customers were asking for other protocols, they wanted to use our API over REST, not just SOAP. We had lots of conversations with Cloud computing expert Randy Bias from about what he would like to see from an API for DNS management of the Cloud. We gathered input from lots of customers and the wishlist kept growing. We observed how our customers were using the API, and assembled our use cases. (We’ve got some rather ingenious customers!).

And now our winter project is making serious headway. We’re looking forward to releasing Dynect API 2.0 on the world in early 2010. Yes, @markimbriaco, Sys Admin from, there will be a REST interface. And for all the SOAP developers wishing for a WSDL, we’ll have one of those too!

Answering the needs and wants of our customers allows us to keep the Dynect Platform API as the premier solution for DNS management in the cloud. And the features we’re adding will make it easier for our partners to incorporate the Dynect Platform into their offerings and bring forth their own clients.

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Whois: Lisa Hagemann

Lisa Hagemann is a Senior Automation Engineer at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.

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