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Dynect 4.0 Launches: Permission Granted

We’re pleased to announce the latest major release of the Dynect PlatformDynect 4.0 — greatly improving user and group permissions management for your teams.

Dynect groups the way you want them

Groups make it easier to set permissions for many users at once. You now have full control to create groups (and even sub-groups!) to match your user management needs.

To get started, log in to your Dynect Platform account, click “Manage Users”, followed by “Manage Groups”, select a group and then click “Edit.” You’ll be treated to a fantastic intuitive interface to set up your permissions for your groups the way you need them.

Full control of who, what, when and where

Need to control exactly who can add or remove advanced services like Active Failover or Dynect Traffic Management versus who can update the settings of existing advanced services? Want one team in control of one set of zones or nodes while another to be in control of a different set? How about adding new users, changing passwords for other users, or even to which nodes in a zone a user can have full control? We’ve got you covered!

You now have full control to define exactly which users have what permissions in each zone. To get started, log in and click “Manage Users”, select a user, and then click “Advanced User Permissions”.

Keep a pulse on your Dynect Anycast network

We’ve always been open and transparent about what’s going on in the Dyn Inc. network and now, we’re giving you the status information you need right in your Account Overview page. You’ll know exactly what we have upcoming in scheduled maintenance at a quick glance. This is in addition to the current email notifications and updates to our Status page, which you will continue to receive.

On behalf of the entire Dyn Inc. team, I personally welcome you to the next great evolution of the Dynect Platform – Version 4.0. I am certain you will be excited, delighted and stoked by this release!

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