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DynDNS: The Perfect Holiday Gift

If you are a current DynDNS user, you are probably very comfortable with the uses and benefits of your DynDNS service, BUT there may be some people on your shopping list who are not quite so computer savvy that would love the gift of DynDNS but don’t know how to get started.

Do you have any of the following people on your shopping list?

  • A mother or sister looking to start a side business? Maybe they are selling home made jewelry or handbags and would love their own domain name and website created. They can use our Domain Registration to get a custom web address or our client Squarespace to create a simple but impressive website.
  • A nephew or friend that is a hardcore gamer that wants to host their own game server? Our Spring Server VPS might be just what they are looking for to manage their gaming and file sharing.
  • What about a colleague or even your boss that is always on the go? He or she could probably benefit from one of our Mail Hop services that allows them to send email on the go from anywhere, at anytime.
  • What about your extended family? Do they live too far away for you to see them as often as you’d like? Help get them set up on DynDNS so they can share pictures and videos safely and securely with the ones they love.
  • And of course everyone can use the safety and security of the installation of Internet Guide on their computer. Ensure your friends and family are surfing without the sharks this holiday season, at no cost, by downloading today.

Whoever you are looking to buy for, DynDNS has something exciting to offer. Give the gift of technology to those that might not otherwise give it to themselves. Who knows, setting up your mom with her own website on Christmas morning might even be a bonding experience! It might look simple to you, but taking a first step into technology can be pretty intimidating to the ones you love. Hold their hand through the set up of a DynDNS service so that your family and friends can discover the gift of technology that keeps on giving.

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