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DynECT’s Newest Client: New England-based Litmus

litmus logoThere’s something inherently satisfying about seeing creative people use a new technology in ways that the creator (of said tech) probably never imagined. Like when my heros in the Wardriving scene figured out that Pringles cans made great WiFi antennas, or when bartenders discovered that superglue is the ultimate band-aid in emergencies. I’ve been thinking about unexpected uses of technology a lot lately – especially as I see more and more creative uses of virtual computing/cloud type outsourced service providers. A perfect example of this is what our friends over at Litmus are doing.

As the “Spec Ops” guy here at Dyn I get to meet and work with a wide variety of our customers, partners, and if I want a free meal, vendors. I’ve done one level of Biz Dev or another for my entire career – and meeting new people, hearing new ideas, and making new connections has always been my favorite part of the job.  I was reminded of this a couple weeks ago, when I met a new Dynect customer called Litmus, when Bobby Condon (one of our new sales guys) and I were down at the Venture Cafe weekly social event in Cambridge, MA.

I knew I had heard of Litmus before, but it took me a few seconds to remember why, or in what capacity I was familiar. Then it clicked… I had not only heard of them, but I had used their email previewing technology before. And not only had I used Litmus before, but they totally saved my ass job once when I was managing campaigns for Comedy Central and Microsoft Zune. To keep a long story short, I was preparing a large opt-in email for a new product launch and, in typical big client/small agency tradition, I received a huge list of last minute changes about an hour before we were supposed to send out a big ol’ email. I not only needed to redo the email; but I needed to make sure it would look pretty in every major email client, browser, and OS – and combination thereof.

Litmus chugging away... the perfect use of virtual/cloud computing!

Without Litmus‘ instant ability to show me what the email would look like , I wouldn’t have won future business with the client – much less grown the account, which would have been bad. Very bad. Like “Edward would lose the account and soon be homeless” bad. But their service came through for me in a jam, and I not only delivered the seemingly impossible – but I was able to win more business of the sort.

The Litmus team recently made two big moves, one virtual, and one physical. First, they’ve relocated the biz to Boston (from London.) Their new HQ is in the awesome Cambridge Innovation Center building (home of such great Dyn partners as StyleFeeder, and the United Kingdom Trade & Investment Group.) Second, their old DNS Provider wasn’t keeping up with their growth and needs for advanced features – so after a few days on a Dynect demo account, they realized what they were missing out on, called Bobby Condon and easily moved on over.

It gives us great pleasure to welcome a very innovative and respected company to the Greater Boston/Manchester tech scene… and it gives us even greater pleasure to welcome Litmus to the Dynect platform. True story, I actually had their CEO pull up my user account (on his iPhone, in a bar no less) just to show off the fact that I was indeed an old school user of their tech.  Cred! 

Welcome aboard, guys… and welcome to a New England!

(Ed’s note: This is probably the right place to say that the opinions of Dyn employees are not necesarrily that of our company or affiliates. That said, anyone who’s sending large volumes of visual emails should probably give Litmus a try! As an employee of Dyn, and longtime Litmus fan, it’s very rewarding to know that our platform helps power their technology.)

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