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Dyn is named 2007’s ‘Best Small Company to Work for in New Hampshire’

MANCHESTER, NH Dyn today announced it has been chosen as the “Best Small Company to Work for in New Hampshire” for 2007, most notably for its success in retaining a young, qualified and active workforce within the state.

This achievement is the last in a long string of recognitions for the company’s employment practices, not least of which was its citation as a semifinalist in the same category in 2006.

For years, Dyn has worked to cultivate a healthy and productive environment, for both customers and employees, one whose structure, attitude and culture have all been cited as reasons for its success and recognition.

While Dyn now enjoys a global reach, with upwards of two million customers on all continents, the company is firmly implemented in its home community of Manchester, New Hampshire. Through philanthropic programs, partnerships with local schools and formative establishments as well as active participation in education-centric conferences, it aims to encourage engineering vocations and the promotion of young graduates in a corporate environment.

Its closely-knit team, relaxed work atmosphere and high standards of employee support through the tougher moments of life have made the company a favourite of discerning minds in the technology industry. This means it can focus on its patrons and its existing staff, building better services through engineering and development innovation instead of dilapidating time and resources with quick training and repeated hiring cycles.

“We are honored by this recognition and thank our community for this show of confidence” said Jeremy Hitchcock, CEO and CFO. “This is an important milestone for us” added Tom Daly, President and CTO, noting that the company is dedicated to maintain these same high standards through its ongoing growth.

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