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Dyn Transitions SSL Business To DigiCert

At some point, companies figure out what they’re really good at. With us, it became clear that DNS was something we wanted to be really good at. Then came email delivery. Before we knew it, we became the leaders in Internet Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and have become pretty damn good at what we do. Major websites are up and fast. Email is delivered fast and the right way.

Along the path, we started to offer different but related services. Services like domain registration and products like Internet Guide were created. But as we grew in the DNS and email space, we discovered that we didn’t have the bandwidth to offer some of those additional services at a level that was befitting of our culture.

Instead of trying to band-aid the situation or let them die, we find ways for our customers to migrate to new services and even competitors. In certain cases, we find great partners that we can align with that become a perfect fit; a best friend in the tech space if you will.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with DigiCert (a leading U.S.-based certificate authority) who will assist in the transition and support of our SSL business, effective today.

DigiCert SSL - Dyn

Tell me more about DigiCert.

DigiCert has been around since 2003 and if they’re known for one thing, it’s customer service. There are no phone queues or outsourced customer support as they handle everything in house and take pride in telling people that. They have customers in 115 countries around the world with customer totals in the tens of thousands.

Three big customers you’ve probably heard of:, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the U.S. Department of Justice. (Yeah, DigiCert is pretty trusted.)

Security is a major part of their approach. The company is WebTrust certified and members of the CA/Browser Forum, Online Trust Alliance, Anti-Phishing Working Group and the W3C Consortium. Every cert they issue is fully-validated and high-assurance.

In short, DigiCert is awesome.

I have an existing SSL cert. What happens now?

Rest assured, your certificate will not expire due to this change. When it comes time to renew, you will get a notice from Dyn with a link to DigiCert to renew.

I have a cert set to expire in the next few weeks. Will the transition be in place by then?

Yes. The transition is in effect immediately.

Who handles support? What if I have questions?

As part of this move, DigiCert will handle all support from this point out and as mentioned above, they’re really good at it. To reach out, call DigiCert directly at 1.800.896.7973 or email

If you’re an SSL cert customer with Dyn, we thank you for your business over the years. If you’re not, go to DigiCert.

Here are some screenshots of the process:


Step 1

Dyn - DigiCert 1Step 2

Step 3

Dyn - DigiCert 3Step 4

Dyn - DigiCert 1Step 5


Dyn - DigiCert 5

Step 6

Dyn - DigiCert 6


Step 7

Dyn - DigiCert 7Step 8

Dyn - DigiCert 8

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