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Dyn TechToberFest: Like Walking into Google, But in Manchester, NH

Manchester, NH's version of Google: Dyn
Via @DerekjAndersen: AOL Co-founder Steve Case in a Q&A with Dyn CEO Jeremy Hitchcock

There were many things that I’ll remember about Dyn’s TechToberFest event last week; the quality of presentations ranging from Internet security through Net Neutrality; the passion of the audience for the future of the Internet; the fact that Dyn’s new conference space had still been under construction less than 24 hours earlier.

But I was lucky enough to interview the conference presenters during the day, and there was a common theme brought up by all the people I spoke to that really struck me. It went something like, “Who would have thought a company like Dyn would be in Manchester, New Hampshire?”

San Francisco and New York get almost all the tech press, and most of the venture capital money, for that matter. And if you think of Tech East past NYC, you’ll probably think of Boston.Yet, Manchester NH is a little hot-bed of technology with a potential that far outweighs its size. Not only Dyn, Manchester also hosts Dean Kamen’s DEKA Research & Development; loyalty experience start-up Adored; video daily deals provider VidFall; and digital marketing agency SilverTech, just to mention four within walking distance of Dyn HQ.

The lesson from Dyn and and its peers is that, thanks largely to the Internet, high-growth companies can now start and scale anywhere… including our very own Manchester, NH.

Dyn TechToberFest Highlights & Videos Coming

Dyn TechToberFest is done for another year, but over the next several days, my colleagues and I will be posting recaps of TechToberFest presentations and the conference itself, including:

  • AOL co-founder Steve Case on the Rise of the Rest program he now leads
  • Thoughts from Dave Belson of Akamai and Doug Madory of Dyn on the current state and probable future of the Internet
  • Why “Net Neutrality” is still a hot button and what It means to you from Andrew Sullivan of Dyn and Tim Fernholz of Quartz
  • Chris Brenton of Dyn on whether “Cloud Security” is an oxymoron
  • And maybe the highlight of the event, a free-wheeling panel discussion on Internet Security that covered topics ranging from baby monitor vulnerabilities (scary) to why you should be more worried about a Cyber Love Canal than Cyber Pearl Harbor (scarier).

Stayed tuned to the Dyn Content Hub for more TechToberfest highlights!

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