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Dyn Supports New Hampshire Talent With NHHTC

Dyn is excited to partner with the New Hampshire High Technology Council on two exciting programs to promote the development of local talent in the Manchester/Greater Boston area.

MANCHESTER, NH Just this past Sunday, Fred Kocher, WMUR News Business Host and President of the New Hampshire High Technology Council welcomed Matt Cookson of the University System of NH and our own Tom Daly from Dynamic Network Services and both members of the Board of Directors of the New Hampshire High Technology Council.

They discussed a new NH initiative called The Stay Work Play Incentive Program. This program is a major component of the 55% Initiative, a statewide effort led by the University System of New Hampshire to encourage more new college graduates to stay in the state. NH college graduates are faced with the second highest debt load on average in the country and a recent survey of 1500 NH college graduates who have student loans from the NH Higher Ed. Assistance Foundation found that 85% said they would be interested in a loan forgiveness program to repay a portion of student debt in exchange for working in NH.

The New Stay Work Play Incentive Program asks employers contribute up to $8,000 to pay down federal college loans of newly hired graduates over the first four years of employment in exchange for significant promotion through the 55% Initiative. The phased in approach is designed to enhance worker retention for employers, reducing their overall hiring and training costs.

This exciting innovative approach to solving real issues for the economy of New Hampshire has been endorsed by the New Hampshire High Technology Council and the Governor’s Task Force on the retention of Young Workers.

NHHTC Kocher Technology Scholarship

We are excited to support the NHHTC Kocher Technology Scholarship. According to Matt Pierson, Chairman of the NHHTC, “The Kocher Technology Scholarships are designed to reward exceptional students and encourage them to stay in New Hampshire upon graduation. There are tremendous opportunities for New Hampshire students studying in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Our member companies can’t fill their job openings in these areas today.”

The Kocher Technology Scholarship program is being administered by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. Dyn has underwritten all of the administrative expenses of the program. Over one dozen New Hampshire entrepreneurs and businesses have contributed to the program to date, including Kedar and Renu Gupta, John Gargasz, Joe Mullen, Fred and Pam Kocher, Matt and Michelle Pierson, Jetboil, Gentex Electro-Acoustics, TD BankNorth Wealth Management, DTC Communications, GT Solar, Global Relief Technologies and Charles Hutchinson.

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