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Dyn Sports Beat: Soccer Club Picks Up First Win

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series that will chronicle the athletic exploits of some of Dyn’s employees, so make sure you properly stretch those hamstrings and then enjoy!

To say Chris Gonyea left it all on the field is an understatement.

Long known simply as the Senior Manager of Client Services at Dyn, Gonyea stepped away from the phones and onto the field of Bedford’s Edge Sports Center a week ago. Gonyea and his nimble footed colleagues dialed up a world of pain for their opponent and in the first match of the season, Team Wine & Dyn defeated Amoskeag, 3-2.

Jarrod Campbell, Brett Haynes and Ian MacDonald scored goals. However, the man of the match could go to none other than Gonyea not because of any particular athletic accolade but because he was the only member of the squad to vomit during the match.

“No pain, no gain,” Gonyea waxed philosophically following the performance.

Perhaps remembering the hours spent at his desk munching on the complimentary frozen Red Baron pizzas, Gonyea knew what lay in store. In the hours leading up to the game, a close following of Gonyea’s twitter feed would have revealed apprehension:


Bought all new soccer equipment for tonight. Let’s see if I will walk into work tomorrow in one piece. #oldman
Jan 29 via web Favorite Retweet Reply


Kicking & Screaming: Will Ferrell
Did Mike Ditka's speech in Kicking & Screaming help power Dyn soccer?

Gonyea was not only able to walk, but walk tall with the crown of “man of the match” set snuggly atop his head.

He was not the only member of team Wine & Dyn to purchase new equipment for the game. Dyn mainstay Gray Chynoweth also reached into his wallet for some new equipment. However, when he removed his new shin guards from their shiny package, he discovered they were in fact made for a toddler or at the very best, a five year old.

Such an oversight from the company’s Chief Operating Officer left his colleagues trembling.

“As his soccer teammate, I thought it was hilarious,” said Joe Raczka. “But as a colleague, I was terrified. If he gets confused about the difference between men’s sizes and boy’s sizes, maybe I should look over the finances a bit more,” adding he was happy Chynoweth had not shown up in short shorts.

What was not confusing was the dominance of performance on the pitch, but several members of the team believe they’re just getting warmed up.

“I see big things for the future,” said Christine DeLong. “Big things.”

Was DeLong willing to go all Joe Namath and publicly declare Wine & Dyn would win the much-coveted intramural championship?

“Who is Joe Namath?” replied DeLong.

While Dyn’s technology is not confined to any borders, the team is not just confined to employees but friends as well. The team includes DeLong, Gonyea, Haynes, Chynoweth, Campbell, MacDonald, Raczka, Nick Wheeler, Brent Hale, Jessica Zajac, Kelly Demoura, Alex Sergeyev, Jeff Dionne and Rae LaFont.

The team’s next game will be this Sunday at 7:45 PM EST and for those who want to watch live, the whole schedule is up here. As soon as Dyn has a deal with NESN to stream all their games, we’ll report it here first.

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