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Dyn Sales Engineering /Delivers/ VIP Customer Experiences

At Dyn, our sales engineering team strives to accomplish one single objective: Deliver solutions that meet the exact requirements of our customers. We annually manage and deliver hundreds of successful new-customer acquisitions and solutions with one big idea: Passion! Passion for our platform, passion for our peers, and passion for the customer experience. Great sales engineers are inherently curious. On our team, exuding a passion for learning, technical excellence, and a willingness to be challenged are all core values exhibited around the globe. Possessing a deep-rooted passion to understand how the Internet works and how millions of businesses around the world can leverage our platform to enhance the experience of their users is what we are all about in Dyn Sales Engineering.passion

Passion For Our Platform & Peers

We are passionate about how awesome our platform is – how could we not be? It’s innovative, scalable, and spectacular. We love to witness our customers enhancing their customers’ Internet performance experience using Dyn Traffic Management, Message Management, and Performance Assurance. Sales Engineers at Dyn have a respectful and progressive partnership with each and every team inside and outside our walls. On any given day, every Sales Engineer will find themselves in a cross-functional opportunity or product/service launch involving and/or contributing to: product, technical support, account executives, marketing, engineering, network operation, and the business operations team(s), and oh yeah – OUR  CUSTOMERS!

Passion For The Customer Experience

It goes without saying… but I will say it anyways – Customer Experience is extremely important to us. Working with the entire gamut of Internet customers, we strive for excellence in our response times, turnaround times, engagement levels, and work earnestly to provide a technical relationship with every Dyn customer. I personally believe that all of our teams in Customer Experience are responsible for the well-being of the customer and should reach out and check in often. Applying an acute technical focus and a best-intentions attitude internally and externally fosters autonomous relationships that contribute to positive and successful solutions and successes for customers. Whether it is staging network migrations/implementations or facilitating an internal R&D exchange to make sure the technical knowledge and products meet the expectations of our customers, the focus is always making the Internet better for our customers and our customers’ customers!

Doing this well requires a natural affinity for Servitude.

Servitude requires the right attitude, both in your heart and in your mind. 

A Heart For Servitude Toward Others = Great Customer Experiences

Dyn Sales Engineering & Implementation Team
Dyn Sales Engineering & Implementation Team

You must strive to enable your mindset in all you do and for whom you do it all for. It is extremely hard. It is exhausting. However, the value you begin to feel is ‘greatly-amazing’, and the ripple effect on your peers, family, friends, and company is illuminating and remarkably contagious. Before you start your day, read and list your priorities.  Think (I read and pray) about your day and how you can help others for a minimum of 5 minutes. Ask yourself these questions: How do I make us better today?  How do I grow myself today? How can I give everyone I come in contact with today, the best customer/friend/peer/ experience they will have all day? Commit to give this day your very best. When you end your day, hold yourself accountable to your questions.

The Takeaway (Without Using Too Many #Steadmanisms)

What is your legacy in helping your customers? At Dyn, we prefer to work steadfastly on building a legacy of providing a VIP Customer Experience. If you continue to strategically think and employ the proper inputs (objectives, goals, strategies, tasks, measures, communication, reinforcements, tactics) towards your family, company, team, and fellow-employees, then you have created a great degree of certainty that the outputs will equal success.

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Mikel Steadman was the Director of Sales and Solutions Engineering at Oracle Dyn, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.

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