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Putting A Wrap On ICANN 41: Singapore

Did you miss any of our ICANN 41 coverage? If so, where were you last week?

Our VP, Business Operations/General Counsel Gray Chynoweth did his best CNBC impression, acting as our embedded reporter in Singapore, talking with all kinds of industry types and key decision makers about the biggest news of the event: new TLDs are coming.

Here’s the timeline of Gray’s time at ICANN 41 and all of his videos, done in conjunction with our friends at CircleID.


Before the announcement was made, Gray chatted about the possibility of new TLDs with Michele Neylon, the CEO of Ireland-based Blacknight Solutions, a company specializing in business class hosting and co-location.

Dyn/CircleID At ICANN 41 Singapore 2011: Michele Neylon Talks New TLDs

He then caught up with Adrian Kinderis, CEO of AusRegistry, the company that operates the new registry database and name server system for the .au namespace.

Dyn/CircleID At ICANN 41 Singapore 2011: Adrian Kinderis Talks New TLDs

Dyn - ICANN 41 - Singapore 2011


Following the big announcement of new TLDs, Gray was joined by Jean-Cristophe Vignes, CEO of OpenRegistry, a company that focuses on applying for and running TLDs.

Dyn/CircleID At ICANN 41 Singapore 2011: Jean-Cristophe Vignes Talks New TLDs?

Gray also contributed a blog post that captured the mood of the day and what this means for all of us.


With new TLDs, there are obviously some legal ramifications, so Gray caught up with Mike Rodenbaugh of Rodenbaugh Law.

Dyn/CircleID At ICANN 41 Singapore 2011: Mike Rodenbaugh Talks New TLDs

Dyn ICANN 41 - Gray And Mike Rodenbaugh


As ICANN 41 hit the mid-week point, Gray tracked down Phil Corwin, Counsel for the Internet Commerce Association.

Dyn/CircleID At ICANN 41 Singapore 2011: Phil Corwin Talks New TLDs


As the conference wrapped up, Gray talked about some of the criticisms surrounding new TLDs with ICANN Director of Marketing and Outreach Scott Pinzon.

Dyn/CircleID At ICANN 41 Singapore 2011: Scott Pinzon Of ICANN

He then talked with ICANNWiki founder Ray King about ICANN trading cards, the wiki site and lots more.

Dyn/CircleID At ICANN 41 Singapore 2011: Ray King of ICANNWiki

Dyn ICANN 41 - Gray And Ray King - ICANNWiki

Finally, he wrapped up with Alan Greenberg of Greenberg ICT Services.

Dyn/CircleID At ICANN 41 Singapore 2011: Alan Greenberg Talks New TLDs

Thanks to Gray for his efforts, our own Tab Julius for putting a finishing touch on the videos and CircleID for their help! See you at ICANN 42!

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