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More than just an Internet Performance company with a world-class network, we aim to accelerate the implementation of your Internet Performance solution. 

Over the past 2 years, Dyn teams have managed more than 2,000 technical implementations and workshops for a broad range of emerging, partner, and enterprise customers. The scope of these projects has varied, from engagements with start-ups to entire enterprises. Likewise, our professional services deliverables have ranged from consultative intelligence reports to comprehensive training, architecting solutions, and technical consultation.

We offer a suite of services to meet the needs of your business objectives.


Quickstart for Dyn Internet Control Platforms

The QuickStart customer onboarding service has been a phenomenal implementation management and execution employment. This is offered as a flat, one-time fee, enabling enterprises with complex technical architectures or emerging businesses who are just looking for a more engaged configuration and setup support to get started with Dyn’s Internet Performance solutions.

The mission is to ensure the successful migration and production deployment of our Internet Intelligence, Managed DNS, and Email Delivery platforms as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

“We like to get things done as quickly as possible around here,” said Andy Tomasello, Director of Operations at AddThis, a social bookmarking service that can be integrated into a website with the use of a web widget. “That is not always what you find in the corporate world. It was very important to us that Dyn could get us from phone call to DNS provider in a minimal amount of steps and time. We liked the ability to test first and get things up and running very quickly.”

China Traffic, China Presence

China’s online population reached 618 million users (roughly one out of every five online users worldwide), according to the Chinese Internet Network Information Center. Those Internet users also spend money online. 72 percent of multinational companies reported that slow or unstable Internet access has impeded their ability to effectively do business in China.

We know first-hand that deploying directly in China is not easy. A maze of regulation and technical hurdles make serving DNS from inside China unique to Dyn. Special handling for your .cn domain deployment to ensure performance meets expectations and the transition is smooth.

Reputation Management

Deliverability is a full-time challenge for many global brands. Rather than adding capital by staffing a team of experts or relying on a consultant who is alien from your sending environment and the daily state of the Internet, Reputation Management provides the benefits of ongoing, proactive deliverability and domain reputation support you need on a platform that you trust.

Sharon Weiss, CTO and VP of Research and Development for Seeking Alpha, has seen clear benefits delivered by Dyn’s Reputation Management product.

“The biggest result is that in one year, we have grown from sending 10 million emails to 85 million emails a month and our performance remains near real time,” Weiss said.

Our People are Your People

Our professional services offering is designed to shorten the time required to accomplish your Internet Performance implementation needs, minimize the associated costs, and to rapidly facilitate participation, alignment, and delivery in the process. The scope of these engagements is not limited solely to technology. We realize that Internet Performance and the technologies it contains exists to address business requirements. Leveraging our professional services offerings addresses both technical functions and the implementation of those functions with your business objectives.

The ProServe management and deployment model at Dyn is as follows:

  • Initiate / Plan / Execute / Validate / Internet_High_Five

Dyn ProServe projects are typically initiated with a Dyn-facilitated kickoff, with a specific focus areas defined for that endeavor. The duration of the service can vary based on the topics and service, from a one-time setup to the length of the relationship with Dyn.

We organize and manage the technical project in order to clearly define and execute on the Internet Performance project requirements. An assigned Dyn project owner is responsible for making sure there is proper communication by everyone, and that all tasks are assigned, completed, and delivered. Your Dyn account executive and sales engineer will take part, helping organize the meeting logistics and statement-of-work for the technical project.

“[Dyn is] a partner that brings RichRelevance peace of mind and great services at a tremendous value,” said Kevin Duffey, VP, IT Operations at RichRelevance, a company that offers personalized shopping experiences for large retail brands. “Their team is not only awesome and fun, but innovative and customer-centric, which means I can go home at the end of my day and not spend time worrying about DNS/global load balancing.”


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