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Dyn Partners With D-Link To Further IPv6 Adoption

MANCHESTER, N.H. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Dyn (formerly Dynamic Network Services Inc.), a world leader in managed DNS and email delivery, announces that they have furthered their partnership with long time client D-Link by including a built-in dynamic DNS update client in select home networking routers that will automatically update and support the use of IPv6 addresses for dynamic DNS hostnames.

This integration will continue to push forward the adoption of IPv6 and provide a seamless transition from IPv4 for home users.

IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) is the most publicly used Internet Protocol and is currently the foundation of most Internet communications. With the continued fast-paced growth of the Internet, however, there has been an anticipated exhaustion in the number of IPv4 addresses available. The development and deployment of IPv6 will allow many more options for IP address creation, make traffic routing more efficient and overall support a stronger core Internet infrastructure that will last much longer than previous Internet Protocol versions.

Dyn | D-Link PartnershipWhile the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 will be gradual, top websites and Internet Service Providers, like those who participated in World IPv6 Day, are helping to push along the adoption by making sure their sites are IPv6 compatible.

By purchasing one of D-Link’s IPv6 enabled routers with the Dyn update client inside — such as the D-Link® DIR-655 — users will automatically have “A” (for IPv4) and “AAAA” (for IPv6) DNS records created for their dynamic DNS hostnames.

“As the world leader in enterprise Internet Infrastructure-as-a-Service, we’re committed to technical advancement at every layer of our technology stack in support of a more scalable Internet,” said Cory von Wallenstein, Dyn VP of Product Management. “The public availability of IPv6-enabled dynamic DNS, made particularly seamless for end-users through our integration and partnership with D-Link, is an important milestone on the path to ubiquitous IPv6 availability.”

The integration of an IPv6 enabled router is just one of the ways Dyn and D-Link plan to move the needle on IPv6 adoption, a technology and protocol that will benefit the Internet and those that use and depend on it to operate at peak performance every day.

“Partnering with Dyn underscores D-Link’s commitment to making the IPv6 transition seamless for individuals, business owners and ISPs, ensuring uninterrupted Internet access,” said William Brown, associate vice president of product development, D-Link North America. “Dyn’s significant IPv6 investments complement D-Link’s leadership role in IPv6 adoption and together, we’re bringing interoperability, speed and security to home users.”

Ensure your home network is prepared for the switch to IPv6 by purchasing an IPv6 supported router from D-Link or update your existing router’s firmware to use Dyn’s IPv6 enabled update client.

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