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The Dyn Commitment to Open Source

It’s no secret that Dyn Inc. has roots in open source, and utilizes open source software in it’s day-to-day operations. From’s early days of providing free Dynamic DNS service for the perl community, to our usage of FreeBSD and BIND, open source is a vital part of both our heritage and operation.

Our commitment to open source hasn’t changed with our transition from a non-profit organization to a corporation. We still provide the free Dynamic DNS service we started out with, and we still contribute back to the open source community.

Our most recent contribution is aimed at improving the experience of our users using the Debian Linux distribution, along with derivatives such as Ubuntu Linux, who use the open source ddclient update client.

We’ve long had a web-based configuration generator on for this update client, but we’re taking it a step further by including changes to the Debian packaging to give users a configuration that is highly compatible with our service “out of the box”.

Upon installation, users are presented with an interface to select their Dynamic DNS provider. When is selected, the client is configured to use our web-based IP detection service, run as a daemon with a reasonable update interval, and provides a list of hostnames from the user’s account to easily choose which to update.

We hope these changes will improve the experience for users of our service with these operating systems, especially first time users of our service, and provide a smoother overall setup process with ddclient.

Look for these improvements in the current Debian Unstable distribution, and in the upcoming Ubuntu 9.10 “Karmic Koala”.

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Whois: Dan McCombs

Dan McCombs is a Principal Software Engineer at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.

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