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Dyn-Novation: The Awesomeness of Internet Guide and Continue To Site

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: my parents aren’t exactly internet savvy.

They understand email, can find their way around the internet fairly easily and even play a few online games. But they also don’t understand ‘copy and paste’ in Word, downloading pictures can be tough and in general, they don’t go outside the well-beaten path of popular sites. Again, this sounds like nearly every set of parents I know, save for a bit more Facebook familiarity (just to view family pictures, of course).

But even they and their kids occasionally make mistakes by clicking on an errant link to a phishing site and going down a dark alley on a rainy night. That’s why I really love our free Internet Guide (IG) and even better, the changes we recently made to make it the best product of its kind.

What Is Internet Guide?

Simply put, it’s a barrier that allows you to block access to phishing sites or other content (porn, gambling, etc) that you set up and choose to filter, also helping with common typing mistakes (ex. redirects Gogle to Google). In order to identify the bad people around the ‘net, we work with our friends at Barracuda Networks. That’s the equivalent of Hulk Hogan teaming with Randy Savage as the MegaPowers, brother!

For me, IG alleviates concerns about making dumb mistakes. Besides working here at Dyn, I also do freelance writing on the side and in the span of a given night, I do a lot of clickin’ and readin’ on a variety of subjects and there are times that I’m not familiar with the site I head to. IG removes the concern and questioner of ‘Is This Safe?’

That Sounds Great, But What’s New?

Occasionally, there will be a site that is flagged that you want to get to and Internet Guide wants you to be able to get there, provided you understand the risks. However, the process in the past was a bit laborious and was frustrating for many of our users. We listened, we tried it and we agreed. Hence, the rise of Continue To Site, a built-in feature (currently in Beta) that easily and painlessly allows you to pass our filter and access that site we initially suggested you didn’t.

Here’s how it works:

– Go to and get yourself Internet Guide by setting up a free account or by simply setting your DNS to (Need help changing your DNS servers?)

– After changing the settings, you’ll automatically be protected by IG. If you were to go to a bad site ( for example), here’s what you would see:

Dyn Internet Guide - Continue To Site
At this point, the choice is rather obvious. If you click Continue To Site, you’ll have between 15-75 seconds (depending on browser) until you reach your destination or you can simply restart your browser to access immediately. After 30 minutes, the site will revert back to the original settings and you’d need to re-do the process to access again.

Why This Rules

– It eliminates a lot of the steps and pain points in accessing potentially bad sites, all while keeping up the intent of security via DNS.

– No one else that offers a similar service has a method of Continue To Site that is this easy to use and process.

– We’re not done tweaking, adding and improving Internet Guide. In a 15-minute conversation about Continue To Site yesterday, three new ideas sprung up about improving IG. It’s only going to get better, ensuring your internet travels are as safe as they can be.

– And yes, it’s free!

Over 500,000 users enjoy the benefits of Internet Guide and I think you should to. Somebody has to keep my parents safe after they’ve had some wine and decide to go off-roading on the internet!

Josh Nason is the Inbound Marketing Manager at Dyn, an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) company that features a full suite of DNS and email delivery solutions for enterprise, personal and small business. Follow at Twitter: @joshnason and @dyninc.

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