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Dyn Launches Intergalactic Data Center

MANCHESTER, NH (APRIL 1, 2013) — Dyn, the worldwide leader in Internet Infrastructure as a Service, announced Monday they are set to launch their newest Anycast data center location in the Earth’s thermosphere – the company’s first intergalactic Point of Presence (POP).

Dyn’s 18th overall POP (dubbed DynET) was injected into the network between 0100 and 0400 UTC today. The data center has been built to house both DNS and Email Delivery servers, bringing the total universal POPs for email to three.

The company partnered with the Extra Terrestrial Internet Exchange (ETIX) to build the brand new data center. The ETIX is the largest and only Internet exchange outside of Earth, handling every intergalactic request up to 800Gb/sec daily.

This was a strategic move for Dyn due to the rapidly growing interest in commercial space travel and expected expansion of business on the Moon. Now customers who are anywhere from the moon to Mars can access the same great DNS & Email Delivery service they would receive on Earth.

“The IaaS space is growing every day and this is a big indicator of where the Internet business is going,” VP of Ecommerce & Marketing Andy Piggott said. “Global isn’t good enough anymore. Universal is where it’s at.”

Latency has been lowered significantly for any queries made in space and the extra redundancy will give Dyn’s larger customers peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to Earth, their traffic will failover to this new POP.

Along with the proposed locations in China and India, Dyn plans on adding an additional POP within the rings of Saturn over the next few years. This POP is expected to result in excellent performance for anyone who is venturing past Mars.


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