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Dyn-ing With Joe

Hellloooo, world. My name is Joe Madden and I’m one of the two newest video production interns at Dyn. I’m going to take a couple seconds here and tell you about myself and why you’ll see some more of me for a while.
I’m a senior at the University of New Hampshire, located in Durham, NH. I’m a vibrant 21 years old and I’m from South Boston, MA. I’m a Marketing/Management major in the Whittemore School of Business and Economics at UNH and I received this internship (along with my partner Ryan who you’ll get to know a little later; he’s harmless, don’t worry) from some marketing course work I did for Dyn last semester. I’m the one kneeling like it’s team picture day, and Ryan is the one vibrating behind me.

Marketing Workshop class partnered with Dyn Inc.

This picture looks like an awkward 8th grade dance or something. We’re totally better friends now.

I know you didn’t come here expecting to read a novel, so in a short story, Ryan and I will be developing some videos for Dyn Inc. to show how we have something for everyone. We hope to make them funny, creative, entertaining, and, most importantly, effective. There will be some laughs, maybe some tears (hopefully of joy not of sadness, but I suppose that depends on how well our videos come out, huh?), but we will surely make some Dyn memories that will last a lifetime. Stay tuned and keep reading! Take my hand and let’s immerse ourselves in a Dyn-wonderland, join me, won’t you? Madden, out.

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