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Hiring Thoughts; Things We Look For

While it’s a tough environment for many companies, we are looking onward and upward. As we have been watching what’s going on in the world and thinking about what is important, we are constantly reminded that we lease opportunity. Over the next year or two, we will surely be adding staff as we continue to take on new projects. We wanted to share some perspectives on hiring and the importance of people in an organization. This won’t be the only post on the topic as we have a lot to say in this area.

Traditional economics teaches that companies are based on land, labor, and capital. In today’s economy, we lease the opportunity for people to do good work. Like a stockbroker says, past performance is no indication of future performance. It’s a bit of an art of interviewing and looking for things that get you excited to work with that person. There are a few things that we look that consistently work.

Drive and Passion – How do you make someone care? This is a deal breaker. Out of all of the skills and traits, this is an innate characteristic that has to be present. If someone doesn’t have passion for doing their work, it’s a waste of time for the company and the individual to try to make things work.

Curiosity – The Internet world changes too fast for anyone to rest on their laurels. There has to be constant work to keep current and keep abreast of what’s happening. What does it mean, where are things going. How can users be better served knowing that?

Team Oriented – That phrase is so overused and much of its meaning is wasted when it’s copy and pasted on a resumes. Team oriented means being about to give and take with others, to better the whole and work towards a common goal. Nothing is done in a vacuum and everything is done with others.

Eye on the Clock – While most people hate deadlines, I secretly like them. As a perfectionist, deadlines help calibrate when you are spinning your wheels. Deadlines give you focus, make you think about what is important. Sooner is better than perfect and most users and customers would agree.

Resumes have traits but interviews want stories about a person, good and bad, to help understand what they are like. Again, it’s a bit of an art but it is an exciting one.

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