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Hiring In An Access-Driven World

Below you will find an email that was just sent out to the University of New Hampshire, the state’s largest college/university in NH where our Biz Dev Manager Josh Delisle graduated from. Emails have also been sent to Bentley University (my alma mater where I spoke on a sales and management panel yesterday) and Southern New Hampshire University, the local university where many of our interns come from and our Strategic Partner Manager Brian Brady got his degree.

What’s this email all about? It’s an effort to find a Business Development Representative (BDR) for our fast-growing Internet business here in Manchester. We tweeted this call-to-action, in addition to posting it on our site.

Side note: Someone tell these darn kids to get rid of the keg stand and ice luge pics in their Facebook profiles unless they can do at least 20 seconds with feet up and it’s whiskey coming down the shoot. Let’s see some shotgunning beers in there too! Seriously, we’re laid back and like to have a good time, but remember that no channel is off limits in today’s hiring world! Big brother sees ALL!

Here’s that email…

To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to quickly introduce myself as I’m a WSBE Alum (’02) and the company I work for is looking to hire a Business Development Representative.

I am hoping UNH can help me reach a larger audience than my personal network. We operate very differently in our organization when it comes to hiring and I’m looking for a young, hungry, competitive, ambitious, entry-level to three years out employee to serve as a BDR for our organization’s growing B-B business in managed/outsourced DNS. In the interest of only talking to very serious candidates, we’ve initiated a very unique recruitment campaign where we are looking for candidates to “sell” us on why they’d be a good hire via voice mail message. My number is listed below for this effort.

This tweet might help explain even better.

Please let me know if you could circulate this around or what you could do to help. Maybe you even know someone PERFECT for the gig. I really don’t just want to collect a million resumes to go through and thought this would be a very unique way to weed out the good from the bad.

Thanks in advance for the help. I’d personally love to work with a fellow UNH grad!


Josh Delisle
Business Development Manager
P: +1.603.296.1535

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