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Dyn Experts Give Their 2016 Predictions on Internet Performance

For the past 2 years, industry experts at Dyn gave their predictions (Check out 2014 and 2015’s predictions) for what was to come in terms of Internet Performance trends. Many predictions were spot on, like the rise in concern over Internet security, the ever-growing adoption of mobile and the continued acceptance of cloud-based services by traditional enterprises. Once again, we asked a handful of Dyn’s tech gurus to try their hand at this year’s question. Enjoy!

The Year of IPv6

“2016 will be the turning point for IPv6 adoption.The cost of obtaining sufficient IPv4 space will begin to outweigh the accommodations necessary to just use IPv6. This is primarily because in 2015, the ARIN (the Regional Internet Registry or RIR for North America and part of the Caribbean) issued the last IPv4 address space in its free pool leaving four of the five RIRs out of IPv4 space. AFRNIC, the African RIR is now the only registry with space left to assign.”

Matt Larson, Chief Technology Officer

The Year of Security Breaches

“In 2016 you can expect more serious data breaches, but probably not one that will change the liability landscape… Yet. Governments will continue to encroach on the use of the Internet. Ever-more-ubiquitous strong encryption will challenge this, but governments will attempt to attack the encryption itself, resulting in data security concerns.”

Andrew Sullivan, Fellow

The Year of Mobile Banking

“Cash will continue to go away as mobile payments become increasingly more common. Like paper statements of all kinds, the transition to mobile is highly opportunistic for banks and credit card companies. Mobile not only allows for transaction fees but it also provides the ability for banks and credit card companies to monitor their citizens’ activities leading into the big data world we live in.”

Earl Zmijewski, VP of Analytics

The Year of Peer-to-Peer Distribution

“It is likely in 2016 that a major streaming video service starts using peer-to-peer distribution when possible, heralding a significant early step towards the distributed web.”

Richard Gibson, Architect

The Year the 40-bit Encryption Was Cracked

“In 2016 it will be announced that a quantum computer has been used to crack 40-bit encryption.”

Alan Graham, Principal Architect

The Year of a Truly Affordable Home Automation Solution

“An easy to use and truly affordable home automation solution will break into the mainstream. Smartphone control of the garage door opener, thermostat, lighting and security cameras will become as easy to set-up as a wifi router and controlled with a few swipes and taps of a smartphone app. Sifting through the compatibility and complexity of solutions like these at Best Buy will become a memory just like the days of piecing together a desktop.”

Charlie Baker, Director of Product Management – Internet Intelligence

The Year of Turmoil for the AdTech Industry

“The AdTech world will be in turmoil throughout 2016 as the Brands spending all the money on digital ads demand accountability of the ad supply chain. On the other side, consumers will continue to implement ad-blocking thus further limiting the real “eye-balls” that ads can reach. This will likely slow the rapid growth of digital ads, cause market consolidation, increase regulatory actions and create new forms of “assured” ad delivery platforms. These will changes will cause questioning of the fundamental nature of the “free” Internet.”

Scott Hilton, EVP Products


The Year of Nation-State Internet Volatility

“Internet volatility turns Nation-states into cyber targets, leading to access and content controls (or vice versa). Similarly, but with a different spin on the importance of the Internet in today’s society, we’ll see more governments and nation-state run or influenced Internet Service Providers (ISPs) face cyber attacks — leading some to deploy access or content controls across those networks in 2016. We’ve seen this volatility over the past year in places like India, Crimea and Syria, but we’ll start to see the Internet as a battleground between a purist singular global Internet economy and the nation-state fight for control, stability and security. Even recently, we saw Turkey’s ccTLD, .TR, DDoS attacked, which took the entire namespace offline, displaying the importance of the Domain Name System (DNS). We also witnessed Google continuously blocked throughout China and Egypt blockage of Twitter during 2014’s Arab Spring. This trend will only increase.”

Kyle York – Chief Strategy Officer

The need for visibility, insights and control of Internet Performance has never been more prevalent across countries, service providers and enterprises. As the world flattens, the Internet grows more complex and volatile, and user demands for exceptional experiences heighten, 2016 will assuredly be a big year for Internet Performance. Stay tuned throughout 2016 as the ever-changing and dynamic tech landscape leads to incredible trends, life hacks, game changing breakthroughs and according to some, security breaches. It’s bound to be an exciting year ahead!

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Kyle York
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Kyle York is GM & VP, Product Strategy, and has been a long-time executive, having joined in 2008. Over the years, he has held go-to-market leadership roles in worldwide sales, marketing, and services. In his current role, Kyle focuses on overall corporate strategy, including: positioning and evangelism, new market entry, strategic alliances and partnerships, M&A, and business development. Outside of Oracle Dyn, Kyle is an angel investor, entrepreneur, and advisor in several startups.

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