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Dyn Customers Give Their 2017 Predictions on Internet Performance

The tech space moves rapidly, which is why it is fun to look into the future and predict what is going to happen next. We recently asked some of our thought leaders their take on what will be big in 2017, which you can read here.

At Dyn we’re lucky to have a customer base full of the biggest movers and shakers operating on the internet today. Many of these companies aren’t just commenting on trends, they’re creating them. And so we wanted to hear their take on what will be a big in 2017. Without further adieu, here they are!

“In 2017 the first two prototypes of self-driving cars will be presented, which will be fully aware of the other car’s position and status, which will help avoid accidents (ie. know if it’s safe to overtake a car on a two-way road, tell the other car it’s lights are not on).”
Adam Litman, Thomson Reuters

“Machine learning and automation improvements.”
Ian Winter, Venntro Media Group

“I believe drone technology will be more prevalent as Amazon is now testing drone delivery service.”
Brian Munn, M.J. Electric/Quanta Services

“2017 will be the year of Bitcoin boom.”
Piotr Wrzesniowski, Glencore International AG

“Self driving cars.”
Michael Vucci, Salve Regina University

“2017 will have even more state level cyber attacks than 2016.”
Nicholas Voorhies, Bottomline Tech

“2017 will be the year of IPv6 and all internet encrypted via SSL. Also, mobile will be a major browser and websites must be mobile first.”
Nicola Marangoni, RSI

“1. More elaborate, more damaging cyber attacks. Even as high level as countries influencing other governments, as we’re seeing currently. Words like “Cyber Warfare” will not be a rarity in mainstream media.
2. Net Neutrality under fire. Where most people take it for granted, I think this will start to be covered more and become common language in households, as major ISPs and content providers will try to “de-regulate” FCC’s net neutrality stance
3. More home and vehicle automation and “smart” everything.
4. Every app will try to have it’s own “AI”, even if it’s not really.”
Landon Wisely, Texas Capital Bank

“Artificial Intelligence.”
Eric Cassol, Pearl Meyer & Partners

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