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Introducing The Dyn Summer Intern Class Of 2011

After being anointed one of the Top 50 Small Business Workplaces by Inc. Magazine, there is a lot in store for Dyn in the summer of 2011 like taking in numerous new summer interns in various capacities and departments, not to mention a complete migration to a new home and the rebranding of their products, services and company image to reflect their “Gone Global Campaign.”

Employees also reflect that campaign with interns that have diverse backgrounds from various countries and speaking multiple languages.  With all of that coupled with a new home, Dyn certainly has a new look. From the moment you enter the Dyn world, you quickly realize why the company is admired for its culture and success.

“If the Dyn company is a light bulb, then the workers are the electricity that powers that bulb” said our VP of Product Management Cory von Wallenstein. To help sustain that electricity, Dyn has brought on some of the brightest interns from all over, many of whom provided their testimonies about their experiences with Dyn so far.

Here’s a few of their stories with more to come.

Ivan Ma - DynIvan Ma – Marketing
Manager – Matt Toy

My name is Jun Ma, but my friends call me Ivan. I’m a graduate student from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), studying Operations Design and Leadership. I’m an intern in the marketing team under a super cool boss, Matt Toy. My job is to prospect potential clients and companies in Asia (mainly Hong Kong, Singapore and China) and contact them as a business development representative intern.

My supervisor Ryan – who is also super cool and energetic – helped me with it for the first few days and I like the job. I compose an email to companies varying from different scales and fields, connecting to relative personnel and knowing them.

One thing I remember the most is in my second day of the work, I got to make a sales call to China to a potential client with Ryan and Ian as their translator since I speak three languages. The experience was great. Not only the translating part, but also I could see how the actual sales work is done.  This job seems have much potential to be explored and I can’t wait to see where it’s leading me to.


Joy Chugh - DynJoy Chugh – Operations
Manager – Neil Schelly

I am a master’s student at WPI, working on my Masters in Science Information Technology degree. My bachelors was a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) from New Delhi, India, where I had lived all my life. I like FPS games (Crysis, COD, all of them), Medal of Honor, Battlefield Bad Company, CS 1.6 and I also love to play Dota.

I am an audiophile and I also have an interest in diet/nutrition, fitness and bodybuilding. Currently, I am working on an operations dashboard, a project under Neil Schelly. The dashboard will collect information from various reporting tools and summarize it which includes monitoring graphs and server statuses.

My experience with Dyn has been purely awesome! The people here are uber cool! And the workplace rocks! I have learned a lot working here and Dyn has given me this opportunity to work on cool, interesting and challenging projects. I think a company is a reflection of its employees and Dyn sure does rock!


Jameson Luks - DynJameson Luks – Business Operations/Finance
Manager – David DePiano

I’m currently attending the University of New Hampshire and was born in Boston, but raised in Amherst, NH.  I’ve been working with Dave DePiano in accounting, consolidating all of our accounts into one system and mapping the account numbers so that they can be easily accessed in Microsoft Accounting.

I have also been testing the system for errors and assisting Business Operations with day-to-day tasks.


Terrance Sheppard - DynTerrance Sheppard – Mail Team
Manager – Erik Bertrand

As an intern on DynECT Email Delivery, I have had the ability to work on projects that range from new features and bug fixes, coding and testing the lowest database layer to the front-end web layer and everything in-between for our customers, sales team and Concierge team. So far this summer, I have had a great experience at Dyn and from the first day, I was accepted as part of the team and they allowed me to work on and push live code.

When I am programming and I have a question, any or all of the team are great with helping me solve a problem. When there are daily rounds of “twos-ball” (fooseball with two balls), they encourage developing my skills even though I am horrible. I can definitely say my skills in programming have improved! I hope this trend continues for the rest of my time at Dyn.


Mohammed Alhassan - DynMohammed Alhassan – Dynect
Manager- Alex Lessard and Cole Tuininga

I was born in Worcester, MA, and raised in Westborough, MA. I am a rising senior, studying Electrical & Computer Engineering at WPI. I’ve had to get a handle on Perl and Python and have been becoming familiar with web services that Dyn uses like REST and SOAP. I started here by standardizing the data structure used in the DynECT API by converting it to Perl. From Perl, I was able to convert it as a data structure to Python, JSON, XML, and/or YAML. Work here will lead into my main project of automating API documentation.

On my second day, Cory von Wallenstein said “This stuff is boring…” and I agree with Mr. von Wallenstein. What makes working here enjoyable is most definitely not the material we work with, but rather the environment we work in and the attitude that they bring. If I had to say something about Dyn that wasn’t related to its services, it would be that everyone here is awesome to work with or around.

David Washington - DynDavid Washington – Marketing
Manager: Matt Toy

I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a B.S in Marketing and am interning with the Marketing department under Matt Toy.
During my internship, I have worked on generating reports to help improve data quality, marketing campaigns matrices, sales forecasting reports and aiding in the company’s rebranding efforts.

I think Dyn is a great company to intern for and the company atmosphere is very dynamic with endless creativity and positive energy.


Dyn is the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) leader, specializing in managed DNS and email delivery for the enterprise, small business and personal user. Follow us on Twitter (@DynInc) and like us on Facebook.

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