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Choices and Decisions With Employee Benefits

We do things a bit differently being a New Hampshire-based company that is also an Internet company.

Inspired by Zappos, Dyn is an employer of choice and we strive to be a cool place to work that celebrates the mantra “work hard, play hard.”

We’ve won the “Best Company to Work For in New Hampshire” recognition from BusinessNH Magazine for the last four years and will be entering their Hall Of Fame this fall.  It’s truly an honor to be acknowledged for building a community and a workforce that is supportive, productive and just a lot of fun to be a part of.

Each year, the magazine invites the top 10 companies to serve on some panels and share best practices for an audience of company managers and HR/talent professionals.  If you have ever attended one of the award ceremonies, you might get the wrong impression since it seems like just an employee love fest.  Managers and employees get along, company management and staff have no disagreements and all is well.

One 600-700 hundred person company does flight instruction for some of their assembly staff in their high-skill, light manufacturing work.  A civil engineering company talks about a company-sponsored ice cream truck that rolls up every Friday afternoon in the summer for staff to go outside and enjoy a cold treat.

Dyn Culture - 70s DayWhile the real value isn’t immediately apparent, the idea is that it’s all about how these benefits are used to recognize, motivate and reward people.

There needs to be a careful design of team and individual recognition that has to balance and reflect the culture of the company. Both of those above examples are part of completely different incentives.

One helps recognize peers for performance or cultural reasons and celebrate their contributions to the company, while the other is to create semi-structured space for employees to interact with each other.

They are both “feel good” type of things to do, but they also have their appropriate uses.

Dyn provides a lot of benefits as part of standard compensation like full employer-paid health, dental, a 401k plan with healthy match, etc.  We also have a playful work environment where collaboration is encouraged. While you have a desk to get things done, there’s a lot of space to work with other on projects, efforts and even “parallel working”.

Other companies and employees may prefer more direct compensation with a pared-down work environment.  We provide a lot of indirect benefits, “spending” part of our collective compensation bucket for the common good. Every culture and every company is different and you have to choose the incentives and rewards that best fit the culture.

If you want to work at a place that’s fun to work and fun to play, come look at Dyn, We’re hiring.

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