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Dyn Connect: Analysing the Internet at the Ritz, London

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” exclaimed an attendee as he walked into the Ritz for the inaugural Dyn Connect in London. With a stunningly decorated tree twinkling in the lobby, and the opportunity to share insights with senior industry leaders, there certainly was a distinct buzz in the air.

Dyn Connect is a unique half-day conference and networking event that brings together Dyn customers, partners, and Internet Performance experts. It’s a chance to catch up on the latest news, trends, and advice whilst networking with like-minded peers.

If you missed our London event on Wednesday 3rd December you can find out here what was discussed and what the key points from the presentations were.


What Do Dyn and Switzerland Have in Common?

Paul Heywood, Managing Director of EMEA, referred to Dyn as the Switzerland of the Internet. Its world-class network and intelligence delivers 100% objective reports to customers about exactly how their Internet Performance could improve. It is this neutrality that allows Dyn to analyse the complexities of web traffic once it leaves control of the corporate network.

A lot can happen to web traffic before it reaches the end user. Jeremy Hitchcock, Dyn’s Co-founder and CEO, asked the audience, “Who has lost their patience with slow websites?” and almost every hand in the room shot up. So how can Internet Performance be monitored, analysed, and improved? This was what Dyn Connect was focussed on.

Are You Navel Gazing or Cloud Watching?

One of the attendees commented on a widespread tendency to “navel gaze over our own networks with no real knowledge of how the cloud performs”. Jim Cowie, Chief Scientist, addressed this in his keynote presentation on “5 Things You Need to Know About Your Company’s Internet Performance”.

Monitoring the quality of the Internet’s paths that carry your content is far from idle cloud watching. These paths are a key determinant of end-user experience, and you will not learn about them by simply contemplating your own networks.

There certainly is a lot to monitor, analyse, and act on beyond your own network. In fact, data doesn’t get much bigger than this:

  • 48,400 Autonomous Systems worldwide
  • 525,000 routed IPv4 and IPv6 networks
  • 237 different participating countries
  • One end-to-end Internet

Web Traffic does not flow in a straight line. There are multiple routes it can take, encountering multiple providers along the way. Being able to trace, track, and gain traction over this process is essential. If you are not monitoring your traffic, will take the slow path, to save someone else some money, but potentially lose you revenue?

So, what are the 5 things you need to know about Internet Performance?

  1. Where your content is physically hosted
  2. Where your audience is (in terms of geography and key ISPs)
  3. Who the key ISPs are that bring your content to market
  4. What the typical round-trip latencies are for these providers in these markets
  5. What the availability and latency trends are that will affect your customer experience over time

And you will not learn about these by navel gazing alone.

Why is Internet Intelligence like Plumbing?

Charlie Baker, Director of Internet Performance revealed that every 100ms increase in speed allowed Microsoft’s revenue to grow by 0.6%. He went on to reveal just how Dyn Internet Intelligence (DII) can help you make better informed infrastructure decisions, pinpoint web traffic problems, and implement effective solutions.

Internet Intelligence is like plumbing. This one may take some explaining so bear with us. Let’s say you’ve woken up and turned on the tap to be greeted by a gurgle rather than a gush. You may have the best copper pipes, the most modern and up-to-date boiler and heating system, but if the problem is a burst water main, no amount of internal fixing will reinstate your water supply. Your water will continue to gurgle and splutter and you’re going to need to call in experts who look after the mains supply.

In a similar way, organisations spend a huge amount of money and resources on managing and maintaining their internal infrastructure. However, if something isn’t working correctly in the Internet itself, their web presence and traffic will be impacted.

Complementary to internal APM and NPM tools, DII delivers insight and intelligence into conditions of the Internet itself. By monitoring the external factors that affect latency, reliability, and delivery customers can start to make more effective decisions. These may include decisions on hosting, carriers, routing and, of course, disaster recovery. Ultimately better decisions result in a faster, safer, and more reliable customer web experiences.

Are You on a Slow Boat to China?

Nearly three-quarters of multinational companies report that slow or unstable Internet access is affecting their ability to effectively do business in China. The ‘Great Firewall of China’ leads to huge increases in latency and frequent packet loss whenever it is crossed.

Matt Toy, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, explained how Dyn’s China Network can avoid these problems by hosting your content within the Great Firewall itself. He compared response times on a network outside of China and one within the mainland, revealing a 1600 millisecond difference between the two. This means that businesses can now easily hurdle the barrier that Internet Performance offered their effective reach into China.

What Were the Key Takeaways?

Dyn Connect is your opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with us. We all took away a lot from the event but what are the key takeaways we can pass on to you?

  • For a start, we know that they sure decorate a fine Christmas tree in London
  • We also are certain that Internet Performance will only be solved by looking around not by looking down
  • Although the Internet is hugely complicated, it is also, at its heart, a service delivery medium that can be measured and managed to ensure it meets your critical business goals
  • And here’s the good news: Dyn can provide you with the intelligence and global cloud infrastructure, tools and expertise to help you succeed wherever you are doing business

Hopefully we’ll see you at the next Dyn Connect (if you haven’t yet registered, you still have a few days! Register here.). In the meantime, if you want learn more your company’s global infrastructure performance, get in touch for a DII demo here.

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