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Race Car Drivers, Talking Latency, and Swag: Why Velocity London Rocked

‘Round about this time last year, I was working for an ecommerce company that are great friends with Dyn — both as a customer and supplier. I was at that year’s eCommerce Expo and with the afternoon free, I popped along to Velocity: London to say hello to the Dyners in attendance.

I wasn’t even considering a career change, but in less than a month, I became the 10th employee in EMEA.

Dyn - VelocityFor those who aren’t familiar with Velocity, it is probably the premier conference for enthusiasts, luminaries and market leaders in the Internet performance arena. The exhibitors are all about speed, speed, and more speed with a healthy dollop of performance, resilience, and uptime thrown in for good measure.

Last year (and I apologise for all those who have already heard this “joke” many, many times – drum rrrrolllllll perleaze), I couldn’t even spell DNS, let alone wax lyrical on all things latency, traffic management, and infrastructure related. Ask me about POPs now, and I’ll bend your ear for an hour.

I wandered around a bit, snagged myself my first (of many) Dyn t-shirts (the Run DMC tribute is still my favourite to date), enjoyed the lunch, moidered to the lads from Google, and generally had a pretty eye-opening, mind-bending afternoon listening to what at that time seemed almost mystical verbiage.

Twelve months later and I have just completed my first full calendar year as Partner Rep, EMEA and my attendance at this year’s event was as a useful contributor rather than a swag-snagger (although the replica light sabres at another exhibitor’s booth went down well with my seven and nine year old kids!).

During the two days, I met up with existing customers and existing partners, as well as engaged with a bunch of potential new clients.

Conference-based events have their own unique dynamic as there are vast swathes of the day when, as an exhibitor, you may not see any of the delegates at all. If the keynote speaker is high profile, everyone goes to watch. If the workshops are innovative and cutting edge, everyone goes to learn. If the panel sessions are diverse and stimulating, everyone takes part.

During these conference floor lulls, it tends to be the exhibitors and sponsors swapping war stories, networking and buying/selling to and from each other. What is great for us at Dyn is that many of the class of 2013 already sit in one (or both) of the above!

Whilst we predominantly work in a disparate and remote environment where a hangout is an online call rather than a swift couple of jars down the pub, there is still nothing better than pressing the flesh and eyeballing each other in real life (and, yes, a beer or two is quaffed along the way too!).

We then brace ourselves for the onslaught of the delegates as the break time bell is rung. This is the time where we thrive best with hundreds of excited Internet professionals converging on the sponsors hall.

Many seek us out as they know who we are and what we do, others seek us out to meet us face-to-face as customers, some will be new to the space and want to know more about us and where our competitive advantage lies, and others just out of curiosity as to why we have an unnamed racing driver pacing the hall (some say his Dad is writing this blog, all we know is he hates latency).

Velocity is definitely Dyn’s place. The values and overarching premise of the event so closely mirror our own mantra that we can’t really not be there. We live by the delivery of enhanced performance, we excel in all things speed, we innovate constantly and never, ever settle for “that’ll do, it’s good enough, it’s ok.”

Our customers, and partners, expect excellence in all we do and this is what #DynDelivers. Simple as that. It’s what we do. It’s what we love. It’s why we are here. Velocity 2014 can’t come around quickly enough for us! (see what I did there?!) See you all in Barcelona!

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Matt has been at Dyn since 2012 working in the Strategic Accounts team, managing Global partners across a number of disciplines, with a particular focus on the Registry and Registrar community. Follow on Twitter (@MattShooman and @Dyn).

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