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Dyn Announces Creation of Director-Level Management Team

Company Points to Rapid Growth, Aggressive Goals and Expansion into New Markets

Manchester, NH – June 6, 2011 – Dyn (formerly Dynamic Network Services Inc.), an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider specializing in managed DNS and email delivery, announced a newly formed Director-level management team Tuesday, responsible for the future execution of the company’s ambitious business plans.

“The senior management team is proud to be empowering this capable group of focused colleagues,” Chief Technical Officer Tom Daly said. “Simply knowing the day-to-day operations of the company are being taken care of will allow our executive team to spend more time working on business strategy and scaling the company.”

Seven members make up the collaborative, cross functioning Director-level management team:

  • Josh Delisle — Director of Sales
  • Alex Lessard — Director of DNS Technology
  • Erik Linstad — Director of Infrastructure and IT
  • Mike Longver — Director of Email Technology
  • Neil Schelly — Director of Uptime
  • Matt Toy — Director of Marketing
  • Chris Widner — Director of Community, Culture & Customers

“We are very pleased to have added such great talent to the Dyn leadership team,” CEO Jeremy Hitchcock added. “As a rapidly growing company, we will rely on this group to help effectively manage, expand and execute our corporate goals and initiatives and ensure the fast and stable growth of our unique business.”

In addition to the Director-level management team, Dyn would like to recognize four other Directors for their contributions to the company’s past and future success: Brian Brady, Director of Strategic Partners, Dave DePiano, Director of Financial Planning, Phil Akilade, UK Regional Director and Steve Wheeler, Director of Deliverability.

This news was shared with the entire 75-person company during a visit to its new 24,000 square-foot office location, which will officially open its door to staff on June 15th at 150 Dow Street in Manchester, NH.

Dyn experienced a successful first quarter where the company kicked off expansion into the United Kingdom, expanded their partner network and began to build out their enterprise email delivery offering.

About Dyn (formerly Dynamic Network Services Inc.)

Founded in 1998 as, Dyn is the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) leader, powering DNS and email delivery for enterprise, small business and personal users. The company’s DNS offerings range from simple DNS management to a robust enterprise-class DNS solution built on a 17-location, globally diverse IP Anycast network with advanced Load Balancing, Geographic Traffic Management and CDN control features. The company’s email products provide inbound and outbound delivery solutions, highlighted by a comprehensive enterprise-class MTA service focused on maximum email deliverability and inbox monitoring. Dyn is committed to customer relationships and engineering excellence. Uptime is the Bottom Line.

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