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Dyn and Instart Logic—Partnering to Optimize Global Online Customer Experiences

Last year, Dyn and Instart Logic announced a strategic partnership to jointly meet customers’ online performance needs and ensure their business-critical online assets were working at peak efficiencies.

original_instart_logic_co_logoIf you look at Dyn and Instart Logic’s solution offerings, you can see the synergy that led to the partnership. Instart Logic has a radical new approach to application delivery that accelerates cloud application delivery for organizations whose business depends on ultra-fast web performance. Their unique platform, based on a software-defined architecture, maximizes revenue, delivers superior customer experiences, and helps customers gain a competitive advantage.

Similarly, Dyn improves the availability, security, speed, and cost-efficiencies of an organization’s Internet infrastructure to achieve the same business outcomes – maximize revenue, deliver optimal customer experiences, and utilize the Internet for competitive advantage.

The combination of Dyn and Instart Logic is an obvious winner for many of our joint customers, including such name brands as Shutterstock, Quora, and One of the latest is HotelPlanner, a major provider of online services to the global group hotel sales market, which is using Dyn / Instart Logic complementary solutions to deliver fast and superior experiences to their customers around the globe.

“Selecting two of the performance-leading solutions – Dyn for Managed DNS, and Instart Logic for optimized web application delivery – ensures that and our sister corporate site, deliver an even higher-speed experience on devices of any size and geography,” the company’s co-founder, John Prince, noted to me. “Thanks to Dyn and Instart Logic, HotelPlanner is giving customers around the world faster access to our site resources and making booking travel easier.”

Businesses such as HotelPlanner wanting the best Internet performance from their web assets need a dedicated DNS solution provider and a rapid content delivery provider. “By leveraging Dyn’s Managed DNS service and Instart Logic’s Software-Defined Application Delivery platform, HotelPlanner is able to provide its customers with consistent availability and a superior web performance for an overall best in class global user experience “ says Samrah Khan, VP, Business Development at Instart Logic. Dyn’s Managed DNS service offers its customers an industry-leading level of service and reliability and works seamlessly with Instart Logic’s Software-Defined Application Delivery (SDAD) platform to provide radically faster web performance.

Whether you’re an established company, or a start-up looking to get off the ground, the combination of Dyn and Instart Logic can help drive revenue and cut costs while helping you scale your business to the next level. To learn more about our winning combination, feel free to email me or my peer at Instart Logic at or at

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