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Video: Fastly & Dyn Talk Internet Speed

It is no secret that speed is the key to running a popular website. Whether you’re writing a blog or selling goods or services, you need to get your content to your customer fast. Some of the brightest minds working on the Internet today are obsessed with this very issue. In the video below, two of them dive head first into this subject.

Dyn Chief Scientist Tom Daly sat down with Artur Bergman, CEO of Fastly, a San Francisco-based startup that is building the next generation of Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology and services.

The Internet speed-focused discussion also touches on what makes Fastly different, Artur’s widely known love of Solid State Disks, geo-location, Fastly’s dynamic purging capabilities and other issues impacting speed and performance.

Bergman is a member of Dyn’s Thought Leadership Council (TLC), which meets yearly at Dyn’s corporate headquarters in Manchester, NH, to offer in-depth feedback and guidance. You can learn more about the TLC here.

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