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Interop Announcement – Dyn Adds Data Centers In Tokyo, Amsterdam

Two new facilities brings total to 12, Independent Study Shows Fastest DNS Service Now Faster

MANCHESTER, NH Dyn, offering the most affordable, reliable and scalable managed DNS and GSLB solution in the world, announced at Interop in Las Vegas today that it has opened two new global data centers: in Tokyo, Japan and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The addition brings the number of data centers Dyn has deployed around the world to twelve. Having a dozen strategically placed locations functioning on an IP anycast network allows for Dyn clients to take advantage of a rock solid network with geo-targeted global load balancing capability.

“At Dyn, we’re committed to bringing the fastest and most seamless service to our DNS clients around the world,” said Tom Daly, CTO. “By continuing to grow our global dedicated data center footprint, we’re reinforcing our commitment to our world-wide community of customers by further decreasing DNS query latency, while increasing failover protection, and load balancing.”

The continued deployments represent the strong demand for traffic management and DNS services. As companies increasingly serve global markets, the additional sites represent a strategic investment to ensure the best possible DNS service offering. As CTOs and CIOs continue to evaluate their primary expertise, they realize that outsourcing their DNS service speeds up their networks and increases control, allowing them to focus on their business’ core areas. In particular, ad networks, media companies, and web applications providers are turning to the DynECT Platform for increased performance and to eliminate outages.

“How we choose these collocation sites is of the utmost importance. We look for key aspects such as population and fiber optic density, availability of key IP carriers and peering ports, site reliability metrics, and a slew of other factors,” continued Daly. “It’s an art. Many providers will simply add more sites at random, and if not done carefully, they may actually degrade performance in their networks.”

In related news, in an independent study conducted by John Green, Founder and CTO of LearnHub ( ), Dyn was judged to have the fastest DNS platform by a large margin over other leading providers. The average DNS query response time was nearly half of other providers, with the lowest standard deviation measured. This proven consistency is what companies expect when making the switch to an externally managed DNS service provider.

“In my three-day test, DynECT demolished the others. It was more consistent and had a much lower average response time,” Green posted on LearnHub. “I also happen to like DynECT’s pricing model and user interface better as well, so the decision to go with them was pretty easy.” LearnHub was so impressed with DynECT, that they subsequently became a Dyn client.

The full independent report can be found at:

Over the past decade, Dyn has built a robust and stable network that spans three continents. Other sites include New York City, New Jersey, Virginia, Chicago, Palo Alto, Los Angeles. London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. The most recent Amsterdam data center is Dyn’s second site in that city, with additional locations expected to come online around the world by the end of the year.

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