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Dyn Acquires SEO/SEM & Ecommerce Development Arm Of Incutio LTD

Manchester, NH (September 4, 2012) – Dyn, the world leader in Internet Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), announced today that it has acquired the talent of the SEO/SEM and ecommerce development arm of Incutio LTD, a growth engine company.

This talent acquisition is the culmination of a long-time relationship between Dyn and Incutio, one of Dyn’s first 50 enterprise Managed DNS customers. The addition of Incutio team talent will strengthen Dyn’s ecommerce and online advertising efforts and enable the company to internally focus growing those areas.

“We’ve been outsourcing SEO/SEM to Incutio for over a year and with this move, we are about to really change the game with our customer acquisition efforts, specifically enterprise lead generation and SMB/Consumer adoption,” said Kyle York, Dyn Chief Revenue Officer.

IncutioAndy Piggott, the long-time Managing Director of Incutio, will leave that position but remain on the board of directors. Piggott moves into the role of VP of Ecommerce & Marketing at Dyn, where he will lead a global team of 20 brand, content, event, analysis and development experts.

When Dyn began expanding internationally, it was Piggott who made the introduction to Phil Akilade, Dyn’s EMEA Regional Director and helped open the Brighton, UK office and helped Dyn land UK-based customers like The Guardian, Tagman and Litmus. Additionally, he is a founding member of the Dyn’s Thought Leader Council.

“I have always known Dyn is a special company and I am excited about the opportunity to lead the Ecommerce and Marketing Team,” said Piggott. “This team is full of creative and talented employees who will continue Dyn’s push to be the global leader in Infrastructure as a Service.”

Piggott brings his longtime lead developer Tim Fountain to help work on the ecommerce experience, as this platform represents inbound lead generation, brand credibility and nearly half of Dyn’s revenue spread across 450,000 paying customers.

Kelly White will also join Dyn to lead a three-person SEO/SEM team of Incutio veterans.

In addition to the folks from Incutio, Dyn has also hired customer acquisition and lead generation expert Jane Buck. All of these are key hires for the initiatives Piggott will put in place.

“Andy has been behind the scenes for the last 12-18 months, helped us develop strong partnerships and challenged our execution.” said Jeremy Hitchcock, Dyn CEO. “He has been a fundamental piece of our efforts to expand internationally and has already done so much. We’re ready to see what he can do in a senior leadership position.”

Hitchcock and York both sit on the Incutio board of directors and will remain board members of the company’s investment, app development and advising arms, which remains intact following this split. That group will maintain the Incutio name, continuing to work with startups like Mill33, Trendslide and Salesonrails.


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