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How I Was Humbled & Honored At Facebook EMEA

Facebook EMEA
Leaving a mark at Facebook EMEA.

As part of our Dublin Web Summit excursion this week, I had the good fortune to speak at Facebook’s EMEA HQ to talk about our experience in scaling a company’s culture. As our own EMEA HQ office continues to grow, this was a great way to help tell our story and continue to build a link between two important Internet entities.

While I could try to come off all cool and collected and say that it was just like any other type of speaking appearance, that’s not the truth. I was honored for the opportunity and found myself humbled (maybe to a fault) to find myself in front of the leaders of a 500 person office, slightly bigger than our 300 ’round the globe.

You should also know that I was a senior at Bentley, just up the road from Harvard, when some geek named Mark Zuckerberg changed the Internet as we knew it and launched an ‘exclusive’ communication platform to a select group of schools. My user ID must be low.

The talk was entitled ‘Soul Searching on Brand, Business and Culture’ and was a deep dive into how we’ve built what we’ve built in Manchester, Brighton and San Francisco. As you can see by the slides below, it was an overview of where we’ve been, where we are going and why we exist. I really tried to convey the fears, challenges and truths from someone at the very top who treats the brand and business like their first-born child.

But outside the business stuff, the real meat was in the culture aspect and the back and forth conversation. I talked about the importance of being a values-driven organization, who you are at home better be who you are at work, what we’ve learned from scaling the aforementioned EMEA office, how our Board of Directors helps us and tons more.

I even posed some questions (slide 21) for the leaders of Facebook that I think could be useful for those that have locations in multiple countries. I learned a lot from the answers.

Many thanks to the Facebook EMEA office for having us, and if you’re local to Dyn in Manchester, NH, be sure to check out Culture-Con for more on how to grow your company culture.

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