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DNSSEC Coalition Updates From a Registrar

Dan Kaminsky at the DNSSEC Coalition
Last Friday, we participated in the first DNSSEC Coalition meeting held in Washington, DC at Google’s offices. The day started with remarks from Vint Cerf where he mentioned his own personal interest with DNSSEC. We had a presentation from .SE about their registry’s experience with DNSSEC, and capping off with a presentation from Dan Kaminsky.

Vint Cerf at the DNSSEC Coalition
This industry working group is hugely important to synchronize the rollout of DNSSEC between registrars, registries, and other operators. There are set standards which have been created in the form of RFCs. Since launching in late 2008, the coalition has gained the attention of the industry to publicly pledge that it will follow the same standards and to rally around deployment. This effort is spearheaded by PIR who runs the .org registry.

We’re excited about it since this provides a mechanism for securing answers in DNS. When you type in “” into your web browser, we want to be sure that our website is the one that comes up. DNSSEC makes that possible. As a registrar and DNS operator, we want to see this technology rolled out and widely deployed. With the mandate that .gov and all domains in .gov signed this year and other countries rapidly adopting DNSSEC, this is quickly becoming a reality.

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