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DNS Infrastructure Upgrades Coming In U.S., Europe, Australia

As we alluded this past spring, we’ve been making significant headway on our year-long plan of continued improvements and upgrades to the DynECT Managed DNS edge infrastructure. The results of these upgrades are twofold: to continue to provide our growing list of clients and partners with rock-solid managed and outsourced DNS services and to continue our ongoing mission to win the battle against network latency.

Please join me on a little jaunt around the U.S. to review what we’ve been up to and what’s ahead for our worldwide Anycast network.

Dyn Anycast Network Map

Ashburn, Virginia

Once the home to our core infrastructure, we’ve migrated the DynECT Managed DNS core out to our Newark, NJ, and Palo Alto, CA, sites. Leaving only DNS servers behind, we upgraded the entire physical site.

For the technical part, we first started with the underlying power systems. A migration to three-phase means more power, more energy efficiency (green is good!) and less cabling to manage which means better airflow through the data center!

A new core router, more switches and fresh DNS servers were all installed and brought into service. As many know, Ashburn is one of the East Coast’s major Internet hub cities and by deploying our DNS systems directly adjacent to large peering fabrics, we are able to reduce latency and improve performance globally.

Miami, Florida | Seattle, Washington

In 2010, we brought on Miami and Seattle as satellite data centers to offer decreased latency to customers in South America and the Pacific Rim, respectively. As smaller facilities, Miami and Seattle didn’t have access to all of our current IP Anycast transit providers, starting with connections to NTT Communications only. In this round of upgrades, additional transit connections to Tata Communications and Cogent communications were deployed with a fresh router in each site and additional DNS servers.

Additionally, these sites will be joining our IPv6 Anycast DNS service, bringing IPv6 enabled DNS closer to users in these regions.

Los Angeles, California

Like DNS and Email Delivery, some things are just better together which is why we built out a new facility in Los Angeles, CA, as a pair site to Ashburn, VA. Los Angeles is also a major Internet hub city, tying together traffic from the West Coast of the U.S. and the Asia Pacific region. Like Ashburn, three-phase power, a new core router, switches and DNS servers were installed, along with the usual gamut of equipment like firewalls, console servers and VPN devices.

Los Angeles will be coming online later this week, completing the upgrades we’ve planned for our West Coast and East Coast facilities for the year.

What’s Next?

In the spirit of always thinking a few steps ahead, you might ask, “What’s next?”

Our newest site in Sydney, Australia, is being outfitted with additional networking equipment and we’ll be turning up new carrier connections there in the coming weeks. This will bring IPv6 anycast DNS resolution to Sydney as well. Even though Australia accounts for less than 1% of global DNS traffic passing through our network, the population of Australia should be entitled to fast DNS resolution as well, hence our upgrades and connections there.

Back in the United States, we will be taking a trip to upgrade our data center in Dallas, Texas, to a fresh site design with increased capacity. A flurry of upgrades are then planned for Europe (London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt) with a new data center installation in the planning stages for Warsaw, Poland.

As always, you can track our progress of installations and upgrades by following along on our status site.

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